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Success at the Hotel Wireless

Well last night I started installing the wireless gear I bought from PC World from the recommendation of Matt Warwick in our LUG. I got home to be presented with hell getting my PCMCIA card reader working. After some work and help from other LUGites in #wolveslug I got everything working. Success is sweet even […]

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I am just sitting here at Uni working away at some XML / XSL / XPath gubbins for Uni. Interesting stuff but difficult to implement. Luckilly though the kind people in #xml and #php are there to help and hence my problems with this are far fewer than before. Fingers crossed I can fix it […]

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Wireless fun

Yep, I have decided to do it. I am gonna plunge into the Wireless world. This has been a plan for a while, but some time on #wolveslug chatting to Matt has convinced me. < p> Any idea what the main reason why I need a wireless net is? Lazyness. I want to lay in […]

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Nasty bugs

You know…PHP is a funny old beast. I was just creating the code to add comments such as this and I cut and paste the code from the news admin side. Virtually the same code but for some reason it would not work. I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure it out […]

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Building the site

I have been cracking on building this site up and this very post is a test to ensure my new logging system works fine. Fingers crossed.

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Here goes the captains log

Well here it is. The brand spanking new blog on my site. In this space I will rant incoherently about various things.

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