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Free music is a good thing

Well, I have finally got my music section online. The problem is the age old web development problem – to add a section does not just involve knocking a page up, but adding the database inserts/selects, admin pages and other stuff. Finally it is up and you folks can get some free music. Today I […]

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I read yesterday on Slashdot about the Novell press release regarding SCO not owning UNIX. Did I laugh? Yes, so much so that I nearly hurt something internal. SCO are pathetic in my view and I look forward to barrage of counter-sue cases from Linux vendors who have had their business hurt for them. Nice […]

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Music / LUG

Yesterday was fun. I spent the day jamming with some friends and pretty much completed a recording that I have been working on for a while. After this was done I headed over to the LUG. Last night’s LUG was pretty cool. It was a lot more political than normal and some interested debate was […]

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Back home

Well tonight we returned home after some time in Bedford with family. Good fun was had, much food eaten and many bad jokes told. Plans for the next few days are making the most of time with mates before they all go rushing off and messing about with Blender and PHP. Also, lot’s of music […]

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Off on my travels

Well, the Craig monster stayed over last night and we chilled out and even watched a bit of American Ninja 2; classic film if there ever was one. Today we went for Chines for Laura’s (Craigs housemate) leaving do, and now I am back here with sooz tidying up before we head off to Bedford […]

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Free as a bird

Well, I popped into Uni yesterday to say bye to a few mates and got some email addresses to set up a mailing list. Last night I decided to try and set up a mailing list on pepper (my server). This was gonna be a struggle as I had never configured (a) an email server […]

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Well, it has finally happened. I have finished Uni. I did my presentation, and it went pretty well and then we went to the pub last night and had a skinfull getting extremely drunk witht he rest of my year. Fun was had by all, and it is sad to see everyone leaving. I am […]

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Well, today I am working on some Multimedia; multimedia in it’s truest sense of the word that is – video. I am of course, being sarcastic because a huge amount of people feel that multimedia is video and video alone…not so. Today I am doing all this in Macromedia Director. In my second year I […]

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Uni / Writing

Well, I can’t believe it but I am nearly done at Uni. After four years of hard work it is nearly all over, and it is a weird combination of excitement and sadness. tonight we are having a party to celebrate everyones work and a farewell do. I have a presentation to do on Tuesday […]

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Well, last night the LUG rabble headed over to Aq’s house for fun and games. A good night was had by all and chinese food was eaten, the usual bad taste jokes were told and there were some interesting ideas for a LUG project banded around…this may even bypass LUG Apathy v1.0. Two days till […]

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