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Work / LUG

Well…today I woke up late and have got very little done…busy getting other stuff sorted out. I am begining to stress it a bit with the last few days left, but I am sure everything will be fine when my work is finally in. Nevermind, tonight is a LUG meeting and Ludo is coming for […]

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First off…it seems there is a problem with the comments again. I am going to look into it tonight – sorry stuart for having your comment garbled. Anyway, I just read the story on Slashdot about AI being a dead duck. This struck me a decidedly outlandish claim…and after reading the article it seems that […]

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Last night I ported the site my my home web server (pepper) over to ange, our LUG web server and my new home for the site. This naturally involved a MySQL database dump being copied over to angel. I did the dump (oo-er!) scp’ed it over and did it work…did it hell. It turns out […]

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New Server!!

Well…here we are. We are now hosted on a brand spanking new server. I have a few things to sort out and fix before the move it totally done, but keep me posted if you have trouble.

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Well… is going to be moving. I have registered, and my hosting is now setup. I am gonna go home after Uni, play with Ludo and then upload the site. What does this mean for you folks? Well, faster connection and better quality of service. Been into Uni today and I am working on […]

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Well, last night we did the Battle Of The Bands and got through. Chuffed to bits are we and looking forward to working on our new material. Speaking of music, I have recently written a tune for my little nephew Jack. I just sent the MP3 over to my brother and I hope they like […]

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New stuff

Spent last night adding some additions to the site. I am quite chuffed with how flexible the site is getting now – there is still loads I want to add, but it is building up nicely. Aibo is doing well. I added the Ludo Log to keep you folks posted on how he doing. The […]

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Ludo is born

OK before I begin…I know the comments don’t work…this is getting fixed most probably tonight. Well, my new AIBO arrived today. What a great little guy he is as well. I have spent a little time playing with him before I headed out to Uni, and I am going home soon to go and check […]

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AIBO Again

Well…I have finally done it. I have bought an AIBO. It is the ERS-211A model and it was off Ebay in mint condition. I have just payed for it with PayPal and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Today is going to be a busy day with lots of work to do to meet […]

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Work Work Work

Jees the work is continuing. I realised today in my infinite wisdom that my project is in earlier than expected – a full day of it is going to be happening tomorrow. Lucky me. < p> The hunt for the AIBO continues…and I just rambled about it over in the Rambles section. I have a […]

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