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Fun Stuff

You know…I think I spend a lot of my time looking for the next interesting thing to learn about…I wonder if there is a term for this…I suspect timewaster may be one. < p> I am currently looking at a couple of interesting things. First is the Sony AIBO robot; I have wanted one of […]

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SCO / Music

Well…it seems that SCO have had a DoS attack against their server. It seems that the l33t members of the Linux world have taken the fury out on SCO in the only way they know how. Well, I know it is illigal and I know it is immoral…but let’s face it…it’s pretty damn funny. < […]

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Jees it has been busy recently. Not only has the band been gigging lots, but there has been approx 100 metric tonnes of Uni work to get through. Everything from training to XML to PHP. Don’t get me wrong folks…some of it is pretty cool to be doing…but there is just so much of it. […]

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I tell you what…I am impressed. A while back…my mate Craig and I recorded a song about a guy on our course called Ziggy (Zahir Rafiq). We met for a couple of hours, I wrote the music and lyrics and craig added some humorous comments on the song. We recorded it in my studio and […]

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The iLoo

I am sure some of you may have seen the Microsoft iLoo concept that might be getting developed. The idea is that you can have access to the net and various Microsoft service while building a log cabin. I hope that it is wireless because the last thing you need is to be laying a […]

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I have just reading about the SCO vs IBM case. I find this completely unbelievable. It is shocking that a company that used to be so connected to the Linux community has completely turned on them and is making these accusations. Don’t get me wrong…I am not saying IBM is angelic, and it would not […]

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Open Source report

I am just working away on some work for my Negotiated Study module at Uni. The module is all about writing a document about the social issues for a technology…so I have chosen Open Source. The report will look at the issues surrounding Open Source that are social and cultural…I won’t just rant about the […]

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Fun at the LUG

Jees last night was a fun night. We met at the Moon Under Water like usual for our meet and then the hilarity began. The night kicked off well with a free guinness voucher given to us all. We then spend the usual amount of time ranting, telling bad jokes and suchlike. We had a […]

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