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Free Software Song

Right, I have stuck the new and improved (!) Free Software Song online in MP3 and OGG format. It will be interesting to guage the response on this. I posted it to Slashdot but I dont think I can be lucky two times in a row. I am also gonna mail it to RMS and […]

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Well folks, I hope fame and fortune are coming my way. I have got my article about Debian (which is on SitePoint) posted on Slashdot. I have also managed to get my KDE booth writeup on and the Debian feature on DebianPlanet. Had a band practice today, and unfortunatly I didnt get to record […]

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Music and Stallman

Well today has been an interesting day. Sooz and I spent some time getting the house tidyed up and then I worked on some PHP code. Recently I have been thinking of doing a new version of the Free Software Song that RMS is famed for singing. To be honest, and this is no disrespect […]

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Expo / PHP French Hurd

Well, I just wrote up a report on how the KDE booth got sorted out for the expo in Birmingham. I just posted this to the dot, so I suspect there may be reading this than usual. In more writing news, my SitePoint Debian article has hit the electronic press. I am looking forward to […]

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Time to rest

Well, after all the hubbub of the expo, I am finally back home resting. I got in last night after the gig (yep, I had a gig after the expo had finished!) and collapsed on the couch knackered like never before. I then fell asleep and Sooz woke me up at 2am saying it may […]

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Fun at the expo

Bejees has it been a busy few days. I have been at the Linux User and Developer expo in Birmingham running the KDE booth. It has been a busy time, and I have met a lot of people that I havent seen for ages and lots of new people in general. Generally the expo has […]

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KDE Expo crisis

Well, it has certainly been an interesting day. I found out that the KDE booth at the expo has been booked but no one organised it. The guy who booked it forgot to tell me that he could not run it. I have stepped in to sort everything out and will be running the booth […]

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Speeding and stuff

I just wrote a new ramble all about the issues with speed camera’s in the UK. This whole issue pretty much peeves me off, and I would like to hear your thoughts. Had a good jam tonight with Steve. Worked on some tunes; one was his which is fecking heavy and the other is going […]

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Well, I have released Tobe 0.5. As clearly mentioned in the package itself and on this site, there is still much work to be done with it. I am hoping to get some of this completed over the next few weeks so I can get a new release out. Some issues are more important than […]

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Writing coke and IE

Well, it seems that my site updates seem to be fairly solid. I still have to add some ALT tags to images to make them valid, but I will do this tonight. The only bug I have seen is with IE5 and IE6 with the Ramble section. I will fix that up as IE seems […]

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