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Writing coke and IE

Well, it seems that my site updates seem to be fairly solid. I still have to add some ALT tags to images to make them valid, but I will do this tonight. The only bug I have seen is with IE5 and IE6 with the Ramble section. I will fix that up as IE seems […]

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Finally…I hope it works…

Finally the changes I have been making have been added to the live site. I spent some fun time with IE5 fixing it’s obscurities, but I think I got it sorted. There are bound to be little problems here and there, so please let me know if you spot one. Oh, and go and buy […]

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Lawn jam

Today Emelye popped round for some more music making and we worked on some part of a new a tune. I went to town to fax a document and them came back. This afternoon I also had the pleasure of mowing the lawn. You know, I quite like mowing the lawn…being out in the garden, […]

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