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Finally…I hope it works…

Finally the changes I have been making have been added to the live site. I spent some fun time with IE5 fixing it’s obscurities, but I think I got it sorted. There are bound to be little problems here and there, so please let me know if you spot one. Oh, and go and buy […]

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Lawn jam

Today Emelye popped round for some more music making and we worked on some part of a new a tune. I went to town to fax a document and them came back. This afternoon I also had the pleasure of mowing the lawn. You know, I quite like mowing the lawn…being out in the garden, […]

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Self keyhole surgery = pain

Once upon a time I was walking into our kitchen and there were tiny bits on the kitchen floor where we had not hoovered for a few days. As I proceeded to do the honurable thing of making a cup of tea…I was viciously attacked by one of these bits and it stuck right into […]

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Mmmmmetal…or lack of it

Went out tonight to a place called the City Bar with the promise of three rooms of pumping metal. Instead we were presented with one room of pathetic dance music – it seems there were some problems with the metal night tonight. Nevermind, we got in and went to bed and I have fixed up […]

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XBox’s running this site

Well, work is continuing on the change over to Divs for this site. Most of the work is pretty much done and I am just adding a few more features here and there before I commit everything to my local CVS server and re-update the site. Once I have everything in place I have some […]

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Rambling old bar steward

Yes folks, I have rambled. Head over to the Rambles section and check it out. I would love to hear your thoughts as usual.

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Valid sites about spiders eggs, squarking cats and

Well today and tonight I have been coverting my site over to Divs. Pretty much everything is in place although I have a few small formatting bits and bobs that need to be sorted out to ensure that it looks good in most browsers. So far the site seems to be fine in Firebird, Opera, […]

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Standards compliance

A couple of weeks ago I had a debate with Aq in our LUG about Divs vs Tables in web programming. Ultimately Aq came out on top and I agreed that I would switch my site over to Divs. Well, tonight I have been working on this. Aq sent me an example of my front […]

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Lugging Tobe in Europe on your Zaurus

Got up today and have been having a relaxing day with Sooz. Sent a few emails and it is the LUG tonight; more cheesecake, debating and bad jokes. I have recently been getting Tobe ready for release as a pre-alpha. It has taken me a while as I have had lots of other stuff to […]

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Viz and cats

Tonight I have been hacking a little script to grab a Viz Profanisaurus term from their website as a fortune. I have been hacking this laid in bed and being subsequentally annoyed by damn cats outside. There is now some strange bird thing making a row… You know…I hate cats. They are by far the […]

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