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You’ve been Wackened

Well, my buddy Paul will be en-route today ready for when we head of to Wacken in Germany. Wacken for those who are unfamilier is an annual metal festival, and highlights this year include Slayer, Dismember, Meleavolent Creation, Testement, Nile, Stratovarious, Primal Fear, Sinner, Kataklysm. There is gonna be a lot of metal over the […]

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Just got back from Karate. It was my first session wearing my Gi, and it certainly helps. Next week is our 6th week and we qualify to start the grading process if the sensei allows us to. We will also get out yellow tip soon. Spend today doing a stack of writing, and bought a […]

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Wacken the monitor from Bedford

Well, we got back from Bedford on saturday after visiting Sooz’s family; hence no updates to the site. I took SOCOM to play with her sisters boyfriend Jon and much fun was had. Got back laste on saturday and on sunday had a band practice with the guys – good practice and sweated a lot. […]

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Well last nights LUG went off with a blast as usual. In fact, I think last night was the all time record fo dirty jokes being told. It was to say the least hilarious. I got in at 1.30am after dropping Aq, BamBam and Helen off and was in great need to point percy at […]

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Been doing some PHP again today. Like most languages, it surprises me when something fairly obvious is in the language. Today I needed to create a key/pair config file and although I can read a file of this type in easily with parse_ini_file(), there is no function to write to the file. So, I have […]

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Well, went over to Craigs and ate curry. Was a good night and had some fun. Tonight I did some work on a PHP project and it is now early and I need sleep. LUG meet tomorrow.

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Stuff to do

Well, today I got up and spoke to my bro. I added a few modules to our CVS and merged some changes to the repository. I plan on hacking some of this tonight. We are off out today to see Craig – it was his birthday and curry must be eaten. I also have a […]

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Monday Monday

Got up to today and I have some initial things to get sorted before I get on with some work. I am planning on doing some research today and some PHP coding. I have so much email to send…I swear I spend more and more time on email every day. We are going to see […]

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Lazy day

Today has been a nice lazy day. Spent some time laying on the sofa with Sooz, watching TV, playing SOCOM and generally taking it easy. Tonight I decided to write a short HOWTO on setting up smoothwall to work with SOCOM. It is in the writing section. I took a look at a bug report […]

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2:1 and fun

Well, I got my grades today and as expected I got a 2:1. I had figured out my grades before and I was pretty much expecting this. Looks like most people on our course are happy with the grades also. good news all round. I also have a few other nuggets of news coming up […]

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