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Oh sweet jesus

Well, today I finally recieved my PS2 network adapter and SOCOM, and it is one of the most incredible, immersive games I have ever played. Get up now off your backside and go and buy it – it is incredible. There I was, sat there with the headset on, and you are chatting to strangers […]

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More charities

Well, I have just released the Linux For Charities document – it is in the Writing section. I want to get this document out to as many people as possible to esnure that charities can make use of it and the register. Went to see The Exploited tonight. Good gig, nice venue although fecking hot. […]

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Well folks, after plenty of work, my new charities register is online. I am hoping that this will be a valuble resource to charities across the world. Fingers crossed we should see some case studies rolling in. We currently have a big fat 0 of studies!! No network adapter and SOCOM today. They should arrive […]

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Sweaty Betty

My goodness is it hot. Just when you suspected that British Summertime lasted 3 days, we have a complete heatwave. Consequently I have been drinking lots of coke, trying to keep cool, and virtually everything on my body has sweated off. I am not designed for heat, I come from Yorkshire for goodness sake. We […]

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Ticking along

Well, things have been running smoothly over the past few days. I have been quite busy, hence the lack of an update. We went over to Doncaster on Saturday to see my brother and his family. They are moving over from Ireland, so it was cool to catch up. I am looking forward to when […]

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More work

Spent some time last night working on some code for a new feature on the site. I am hoping it should be ready tonight or tomorrow – it has taken longer than expected due to some technical hiccups that have now been resolved. I need to pop down to the Science Park to get some […]

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Lazy steward

Well, I sometimes amaze myself at how lazy I can be. I got up at the stonking time of 4.30pm today. Admittidly I went to bed at 7am workin on various bits and bobs. I am now making a concerted effort to get up at 1pm given that I normally go to bed at 6am. […]

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Beware of work – its not pretty

Well today I woke up at 12pm and spent some time on IRC with my brother discussing some software we are writing. I then starting doing some work on a new feature for this site – I am not saying anything at the moment, but it should be ready over the next few days. I […]

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Well folks, it seems that my song did get Slashdotted, and as such destroyed the bandwidth of the network that machine is on. Apologies to Savvy and Aq for this, and I am now looking at alternatives to hosting songs so this does’nt appen again; maybe BitTorrent. You can get the song from by […]

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Stuff to do

Well, I have sent out some requests for comments on my charities document. I have put it up at and I welcome any feedback/corrections or suggestions. Mail me at if you have any. I have also been thinking a lot about recording recently, and I think it is time to upgrade my setup. […]

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