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Phew, what a busy weekend. I gigged on friday, bloodstock on saturday and practice today (sunday). The band is picking up and gigs are getting booked and new material is getting written. Well, tonight I am going to be playing with Apache 2 and Qt, and I need to arrange a few things for my […]

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Neck pain

Wow, the gig last night was cool. The whole place went crazy and the mosh got pretty violent. It was incredible, and I can’t wait to gig again. Well, off to Bloodstock today, and I have just checked my mail this morning. There is an interesting thread starting about wireless security on the Wolves LUG […]

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Metal daze

Well, today is the day for our gig at the Little Civic in Wolves. Today is also Bloodstock and my mate Paul is coming up for the fun. I am ducking out of the first day to do this gig and then going tomorrow. Well, after all the fluff over patent threatas to free software, […]

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Ramble rumble

Well, I just added the UnitedLinux ramble. I am now sat in front of the box and Sooz is working on her masters work. I went to karate tonight and really enjoyed it. I plan on practicing a lot. Fiddled with Qt some more tonight. I am having some weird permissions issues with the Mac. […]

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Lazy Blighta’

Well, with a grand plan to get up at 9am, I woke up at 11am. Neverming; it has been a busy week this week anyway. Messed around with Qt some more last night. I am still trying to figure out the smaller points of getting it all working fully. Part of this is learning how […]

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The day after the demo

Well, it seems the patents demonstration has been an online success. This site was down for a day while it all happened, and I noticed plenty of others that were taking part. I am going to add some things supporting this scheme to this site on my next update. Today I did some writing which […]

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Patent demo and fluff

Right, first things first – will be closed tomorrow all day to join the patent protest (); I recommend that you do it also if you run a website. There seems to be stacks of other sites getting involved. Although the main site will be clocked off though, you will still be able to […]

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The battle commenced

Just got in from the Battle Of The Bands at the Rock Cafe, Stourbride and we won. It was a fun night, and we now have 100 nicker in the wallet of our drummers dad who funded our t-shirts. Stroll on. I am now sat here in our living room waiting for my fish and […]

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You are all crazy

I just logged on this morning on my Windows 2000 machine with IE5 (yes I need to work in Windows when writing), and checked the new site design. Aside from a few minor bugs that I fixed, it seems to work in every browser I have tested. I would like to hear how it performs […]

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New design

Well, I was planning a redesign for a while and at 8pm tonight I decided to do it. It is now 2.27am and I have just uploaded it. Do you like it? I hope you do. As far as I have checked it works in all browsers, but there may be a few bugs lurking […]

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