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Freedom of music

I got an interesting email today asking for some licensing information for my music to be placed on the music page. After placing the information on the page (that the music is freely distributable), the emailer responded by saying it was a shame that my music is not totally free. I sent a response stating […]

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Yes young chicken, it is true

Well, the ever sarcastic Peter Oliver (regular at Wolves LUG and Perl guru) informed me that the free software song cover has appeared on NTK. I like the fact that it is regarded as not as scary as the original. Thats nice, I think. All this after it appeared on Jamie Zawinski’s blog. Strange all […]

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Stuff and nonsense

Went out last night and had some fun. Got back in and checked some email and flunked out at about 4am. Woke up today with the intention to do some work, but it should really be some work. I got an email from Aq last night and it seems that legendary hacker Jamie Zawininski has […]

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I hate virii

I tell you what, I hate all incarnations of a virus, and they are so incredibly pathetic. A virus has infected someone on our LUG who was running a Windows machine, and now it is sending me approval messages with 100k attachments all the time. Pathetic…truly pathetic… More work today. Sent of an article this […]

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Yellow belt is a coming

Well, Karate was fun tonight and we may be entered into our yellow belt gradings soon. Kata is coming along and I am looking forward to the first grading. I have been thinking of a few new documents to write connected to free software and education, and we have been discussing it on the forum. […]

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Today is going slow. I just have no motivation today, and I have done nothing useful yet. I am gonna start working soon though. Tonight we have Karate. We got our yellow tips last week which is a 9th Kyu grading; yellow belt is 8 Kyu as far as I know. We will be graded […]

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Well tonight was an interesting LUG and we discussed for the most part DRM and its implications. Although I am nbot fully coverse in the subject, it does not sound good – and we were wondering what we can do to spread awareness. As I stated to the other guys in the LUG – I […]

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First forum day

Well, today is the first day with my forum live. It is just a case of seeing how it goes now. I am pleased that 6 people have joined already and it is only the morning. A guy called Tom Moore has also joined, and will be discussing things in the Education forum to help […]

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Well, today I decided finally that I was going to set up some forums on this site, and viola they are here. I have traditionally stayed away from setting them up as I did not see the point, but I would like to set up a few forums that enable discussion on different things – […]

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Old flame / Webcam

I just popped on IRC this morning to figure out what was wrong with a cronjob and I met an old pal of mine on there called Martin Brooks. I used to work with Martin on Linux UK back in the day and we went to the Linux Expo in London years back where Linux […]

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