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By Eck

What a metal weekend. Friday night we went to see my old band Conspiracy play in Rushden near Northampton and I got up and played War Ensemble and Reign In Blood with them. Saturday night, we (Seraphidian) did a gig supporting Kill II This and Area 54. Got on well with both bands and had […]

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Last night I hacked Tobe some more. I have added some front page news and fixed a few bugs. I plan to hack on it tonight also. Today I have been working on the Seraphidian site and some other things. I really have an itch at the moment to do more PHP. I have been […]

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Nuke it

Today I have been configuring a PHP Nuke site for the new Seraphidian site and I have spent some time proof reading some of my chapters. I have some bugs to fix here and there and I am attempting to import a phpBB2 forum into a phpBB2 nuke forum. It seems that the problem lies […]

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Wild Weekend

This weekend was fun. Old friends Soraya and Kieran came up to visit and my ex-bandmate and long time buddy Alan came up also. On friday night went to the pub, and on saturday night we stayed in at our house. Susan bought me one of those Eyetoys for the PS2. You basically plug the […]

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Well, we went, we conquered, and now we feel rough. Last night mucho beer and curry was consumed and 15 of us piled into The Standard. Thanks must go out to all who came to my birthday bash, and the LUG meeting was great. I am proud to have such a cool bunch of people […]

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24 Today

Well, it has happened, at 4pm this afternoon 24 years ago, my mother squeezed me out. Its been fun since then, and I want to thank all the people have sent birthday wishes such as Sooz, Emily, Annette, Jon, Dom, Jayne, Alan, Mark, Diane, Richard, Kelly, Ingvild and others. I am gonna get out of […]

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Gigged and ready

Well, last nights gig was fun. We played for about 25 mins and it went down well. I got up at 9.30am today when our landlord came round to fix up our bath and I have just put my CV online. You know, I can’t believe I am 24 tomorrow. Age is catching up with […]

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The Delta Arrives

Well the Delta 44 has arrived and now begins a new era of recording for me. I gave it a quick whirl and I had no latency on 5 tracks at least and then I stopped. I am sure it can take even more of a battering.

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Gig / Book / Birthday

Well, got up, went down stairs for tea and toast and I am now ready to start work. I have a number of things to work on today for my book, and tonight I am playing a gig at the Rock Cafe in Stourbridge. For the interest of those who can send me presents, it […]

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Well tonight has been a mighty hackfest. I stayed up specifically to watch Iron Maiden on Top Of The Pops. They were cool…oh, they were cool. Tonight I have been hacking Tobe some more. I got the general and moderation config pages coded and implemented and then moved onto bug fixing some other things. I […]

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