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Nice day

Today has been a nice day. Earlier I had a phone call from Aq asking if we wanted to go round to theirs for a BBQ. We accepted their kind invitation and went over to drink beer and eat fired meat. We were at one with nature eating off porcelein plates in their garden. We […]

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Hacking away

Right, I have coded a stack of updates on the site. First of all, I have installed a bug tracking system. You see that link at the bottom of the page saying Please report page errors and problems, well that gives some instructions on how to use the bug tracking system. All bugs are accepted […]

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Music and charities

Well folks, as I have ranted many times on here before, I have eperienced problems when recording my music due to a high latency. This latency occurs when the sound outputted from the PC and the sound I am recording is slightly out of time, and even if I put in a sterling performance, it […]

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Lots of things

Well, it seems the new ramble is getting some interesting feedback. I got back in last night from the cinema to 10 comments. Keep up the good commenting work folks! We went to see Pirates Of The Caribbian. Excellent film with lots of famous types in it. There was Steve from BBC comedy Coupling, the […]

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Well, I have rambled, and you can read the fruits of my loins in the Ramble section. This one is about the similarities between KDE and GNOME and whether the desktop battle has ended. Well, got up a bit later today as I had a late night last night, and I need to now peel […]

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Feverish pants

Dammit. I was just reading about Dave Gorman and his up and coming Googlewhack tour. We are going to see him and I thought I would have a whack myself. I tried different things and typed in “feverish pants” and lo and behold one entry came up. I then found out you can’t use quotes. […]

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Graduation pictures

Well, for those who are bored, interested or need to prepare for a graduation themselves, I have posted some pictures of my gradation here on the forum. Go and mock…yes I can take it. Well, here I am; usual place, usual time. I submitted the NAS review last night and I have another article to […]

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David Blaine

Got up today – later than I should have done, but I had a late night last night staying up with Sooz while she did her work. I am spending today getting some things sorted and then tomorrow I am going to steam on. I have lots to do this week, and I want to […]

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Busy is an understatement

You know, I am busy at the moment. Not only have I got two magazine articles to finish, but I have some other writing work to do and some editing of copy for my book. Do not misunderstand me; I am not complaining – I love working, and I love writing, but it just astounded […]

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Well, today was cool and you can hear the product of our recording session. I am quite pleased with it, and we managed to get the song sounding quite eerie. Tonight I have reviewed three of the four NAS servers and hacked away at Tobe. I am working towards a 0.6 release and have fixed […]

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