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Wireless strangeness

Weird…I just went to use my laptop and my wireless seemed to not want to work. I checked that the module was being loaded and it complained that my kernel had been compiled with a different version of gcc to my atmel drivers. I had not done any compiling since the last time it worked, […]

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You know, I really hate computers sometimes, and particularly if they put me in a position where I cannot do my work properly. This is the story… I am writing an article for a well know Mac magazine about dealing with wireless networks. I download MacStumber and it works fine; great for detecting wireless nets […]

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Well people, there is one difference to you logging on here now. The difference being that your amicable webmaster has now been graded a yellow belt at karate-do. Yes, we went to our grading on sunday and throughout the 2 hour session did our basic moves, first kate and some combinations. At the end of […]

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Stuff and nonsense

Went out last night to see Undefined (buddies and good band). They playe well, new material was good. Spend most of the night doing a weird jamaican leg dance taught to me by Chris from Fireswitch. It was hilarity bottled. Today we are off to see Cancer and Detrimentum (detrimentum being friends of ours and […]

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Hacking nuke

Well, last night I had my first go at hacking PHPNuke themes for the Seraphidian site. I am quite pleased with what I have done, and it all seems pretty cool. The only thing I find a bit strange is the Nuke way of writing HTML. Mixing attribute tag definitions and proper CSS seems strange, […]

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I am just in the process of getting a banner sorted out for Seraphidian. The problem I have had is that I needed to get our JPG logo file re-set as an EPS file so it can be scaled up. I submitted the job with the full expectation that when it was ready I could […]

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Yes, I know

Yes people, I know one post a week is not much for the homepage, but last week was mayhem!! I will be a bit more considerate, and actually update my site. Well been busy with the band a lot recently. We have a number of new things in the works, and we did a gig […]

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