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Got back from the great family visit today. We have spent the last few weeks rushing about meeting everyone. In this time we have visited Bedford, Leighton Buzzard, Doncaster, Richmond, Hope and more. We are now tired and Sooz is a bit ill with a cold. Alan, Jaymez and Lisa are coming up for new […]

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Bloat machine

I am a bloat machine. I am a lean, mean eating machine that has eaten his own weight in chocolate. I feel a bit queasy after all this food and yes, it is my own fault. I have enjoyed sitting in front of the TV watching the christmas The Office specials wearing chicken feet and […]

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Chicken feet

Oh yes, Sooz got me some chicken feet for christmas. It may sound weird, but I have wanted some comedy chicken feet for quite some time. I also managed to find a Kazoo in a shop, so I got that too. You can see the chicken feet of greatness to the left.

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Happy christmas!!

Have a nice christmas people. I hope you get something nice.

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Well, Matt Revell has been a little busy with the GIMP and has created this. It is amazing how many people seem to think I look like Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. Shocking I know, but I will put this kindly image in my gallery. We went shopping today and got some final presents. Everywhere […]

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Arch Enemy

Went to see Arch Enemy tonight in London. It was a good night and they played well even though the singer has got flu, which I also have. I don’t have a runny nose or anything, but I feel pretty bunged up in the head. Not good I tell you. Good to see the charities […]

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Well, I am now officially finished for 2003. I am chilling out with friends and family and taking it a bit easy. It was good to see the LUG pics have been well recieved, and there are more by David Goodwin at this location. Twas a fun do. Trig has been posting to the forums […]

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New photos

I added to batches of photos from two chrismas bashes. The first are the photos from the LUG bash last night and the others are from the chrismas get-together I had with some Uni friends. See the gallery for details.

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Woke up today at 10am and felt sick. This most likely due to the 6 cans of Carling, pappadoms, meat samosa, chicken jalprijii, pilau rice, plain nan and ice cream desert. It was a good LUG and we had about 20 odd people there – good fun and we might have a new convert joining […]

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Today I was fiddling with some of the interactive Blender games on my Windows machine (yes, I have a Windows machine for sound engineering, work and reviews). I was messing around with a few demo’s and needed to reinstall my TNT2 drivers to get them working more smoothly. I have not really tinkered with the […]

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