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Tum tee tum

Firstly, I have added a new Blender image to the gallery. It was the result of me fiddling with Blender for an hour or so. It also includes some raytracing which is in the pre-release build of Blender. Remember that I am not a great artist though – this was my first real attempt at […]

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The weekend is over and we had a great time. Our mock chrismas day went well and everyone had a lot of fun and ate well. We played the post it note on the head game, pictionary, told crap jokes and generally had a good time together. Today (sunday) I had a band practice that […]

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Chrismas time…

Today is our mock chrismas day. This has been a tradition since the start of university, and we all meet up, buy each other a present (we pick names out of the hat to keep it secret), and we eat a quite extroadenary amount of food. There are nine of us today, and I am […]

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Orange tip

Wow, I just got back from Karate and in tonight’s session I got an Orange Tip. An orange tip is like the middle point between yellow belt and orange belt, and I certainly was not expecting it. I am pretty chuffed as I have been knackered all week and I considered not going (sooz was […]

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Blended beyond belief

Well it seems that cloth support has been built into Blender, and it also seems that raytracing may have been added over the last few days. I think this raytraing support links in with the Yafray raytracer, and Yafray has produced some amazing results. This all exciting stuff. Also, when you have five minutes to […]

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Went to bed last night quite late, and had the joy of getting woken up by a phone call at 9am. I then needed to run around finding paperwork for the call. Nightmare I tell you. I am now sat here feeling rather tired, but I have stuff to do today. I might go to […]

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Need more sleep

I am mighty knackered. For some reason I could not sleep last night, and then when I finally fell asleep I woke up with that heavy nights sleep feeling. Now I am here working, I feel a bit tired. I woke up and came downstairs to see that shitty MasterCare have taken our TV away […]

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It catches up with you

On sunday we went to a death metal all-dayer in London. On the bill were Deicide, Amon Amarth, Destruction, Dew Scented, Nile, Akercocke and others. It was a good gig, if a bit packed. The problem though was that it was at the end of a crazy week, and by the time th weekend came, […]

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Off to see Iron Maiden tonight. I first got into maiden when I was about 8 and first saw them live when I was 12 at Donnington Park in 1992. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Last night we went out for a meal with some friends and watched Pirates Of The Carribean […]

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New stuff

Tonight we did our gig at the Rock Cafe. Good fun, crap sound on stage though. It made the gig tough as we found it difficult to hear things. Anyway, good night and it was cool playing with Undefined and Viable. Tonight I have added a new wiki to the site. The idea with this […]

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