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Let freedom ring with a shotogun blast

Just saw Machine Head tonight. Man, can those guys play live!! An awesome set by an awesome band. They also played Number Of The Beast, Creeping Death and bits of Electric Eye and A New Level. Pretty awesome and I got a good battering in the pit. We have a gig tomorrow at the Rock […]

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Here I am, sat in front of the TV watching Eggheads on the TV. I do like this, even though there seem to be some nutters on the Eggheads team. Clever people though, no doubt about that. Just writing up a proposal now. Although they are important, they are never fun to write. Writing the […]

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I love you long time

Well, got back from visiting family. It was great seeing my folks, my brothers family and my grandad. I look forward to seeing them at christmas. I came back with some gadgets and also took the dog up there. They loved him. Back now and lots to do. It is late and I should be […]

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