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On and on

I wrote a new O’Reilly blog entry that can be linked to in the sidebar. The entry talks about the nature of the hacker mindset and what makes hackers hack. I was not aware that there is already a book called the The Hacker Ethic. Oops. I thought the term sounded cool. It looks like […]

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No snow please, we are british

Yesterday it snowed. I am sure this is no revelation to many of you, but it didnt just snow, it decided to turn roads, doors, paths, cats and people into blocks of ice that were (a) not going anywhere, and (b) very pissed off. This snow annoyed me in two ways. First, I left the […]

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Birth of a new machine

Eagle eyed regulars of this site may have noticed a distinct speed improvement this morning. The reason for this joyous occurence is that we have had a server upgrade. The previous machine was a creaky old P133 that was running this site, and some others. Considering it was a pensioner in server years, it […]

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Traffic boost

It seems that Linux Today have published a link to my Morality by obscurity that I posted. It looks like my O’Reilly blog entry has also got a fair few hits. Then again, I would expect anything on the O’Reilly site to get a lot of hits. Thanks for some of the great comments on […]

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Developing thoughts

Well, my O’Reilly Blog has been set up, and I have posted my first entry here. To indicate when a new post has been made to this blog, I have put an RSS feed on this site to indicate new entries. You can see it at the bottom of the sidebar. Lots of writing done […]

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SCO case

The SCO case is certainly heating up. This case has intrigued many a casual observer in the way there are few constants involved in SCO’s argument. Although SCO may feel they have legitimate IP concerns, they may have a difficult time proving that these claims are valid. My father is a bit of a legal […]

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I know, it is a random title for this blog entry, but I am running out of ideas. Expect them to get wackier. Came back home today after visiting family. We have been away for quite a while, and I have been working on someone else’s Internet connection with no LAN, so sharing the connection […]

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Desktop is a-coming

Desktop Linux is without a doubt the order of the day for 2004. Not only has 2.6 added some nifty new features, but Robert Love is doing some good work with Project Utopia. In his recent blog entry he shares with us how hot pluggable device support really is working out of the box. This […]

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Debian backups

I am just reading into Debian backups at the moment. I had always suspected that it would be a case of doing a quick dpkg –get-selections > mybackup.txt and passing this file to dpkg somehow to do a backup. Oh no, it seems that –get-selections does not store version numbers in the file. Could this […]

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Cool things

Dan from the LUG posted this interesting link about the new device handling in 2.6; I have not given 2.6 a whirl yet, but I plan to very soon. Much of this work is getting done by Robert Love – Ximian monkey and kernel hacker. view his blog by the way, it is always an […]

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