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An interesting day

We went to a funeral today. These occasions are never nice, and although very sad, I think it is always important to remember the person for their days when they were happy and they made you happy. Today was filled with rememberence, and I am pleased that these are happy, inspiring memories. When we got […]

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Doobie doo

Yes, went away for a while today again. I am not sure why, but I think it was a problem that I have fixed on the server. We are due the upgrade soon, so you will notice a much faster site when it is up. I will let you know as soon as I […]

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Say no

Tonight I have been doing some writing and admin work on my site. As I was perusing around asking some questions about MySQL, I met this dude in a chatroom and the subject turned to caffiene. This person told me that they drink lots of caffiene to stay awake and he/she had weened themselves down […]

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Creaky box

Got up today to sound of Sooz’s sister Annette beckoning us to the Hungry Horse pub to eat way to much food and a bowl of hot chocolate. In the true spirit of gluttony, we accepted the kind offer and I now feel sick. After eating a burger the size of a plate we came […]

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Heck yeah

My god I have written a lot today. It is now late, everyone is in bed and I am still going. Today seems to have involved me sat in front of a computer all day long, and most of the night. I plan on sleeping in pretty late tomorrow. Sparkes has written a nifty RSS […]

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Dream Theater

We (Sooz, Alan, Jaymez, Lisa and I) went to London tonight to see Dream Theater, and what a fantastic display of fretboard delight it was. Very technical music watched by people who most likely like to play very technical music on some kind of instrument. It was cool. Right, I have a few things I […]

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You know, SCO piss me off. They piss me off like you would not believe. They go around shouting all their rubbish about these legal issues and those legal issues, and even before any of this is tested in court they decide to go out and charge a load of Linux users some cash for […]

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Just added Dick Morrell’s blog to my collection. I am really getting into Blogs. You know, I used to have an Advogato diary some time ago and I used to use it for much of the KDE work I was doing at the time. It was fun and the whole concept of rating members was […]

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Fave blogs?

I use Bloglines to read RS syndicated blogs on the net. Currently I am reading Havoc Pennington’s blog and also Aq’s. I am naturally interested in expanding my currently limited range of blogs and I was wondering what you folks suggest. Do you have any fave blogs with RSS syndication that I could read? Any […]

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Site updates

Tonight I went to the LUG and had a good night. I then came back home and watched some crappy horror films with Sooz. I have also been working on the site and changed the dates to a more readable format and I have also rehashed the blog archive so it looks much nicer. Go […]

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