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Bits and bobs

Lat night I was playing with Blender and created a particle system with metaballs. This basically chucks a load of metaballs up and as they get close together they morph into each other. I got the idea from reading a copy of DIGIT magazine where they used the same technique in the new Cat In […]

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Geek eye

It seems that sparkes has been getting jiggy with the GIMP. The creation on the left is his handy work. A funny man I think you will all agree. Oh, and for those who are unsure, those people in the picture are Wolves LUG people. From left to right: Aq, Peter Oliver, Me, Dan and […]

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Bigger and better

You know, it is amazing me how big Wolves LUG is getting. We have new people interested in joining popping up from all over the place. I am so proud of what we have with Wolves LUG – it is a great place with some great people. I am looking forward to meeting these new […]

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Well it seems that the Forge is running smoothly. I managed to get the first user on the ACL working fine (this is my buddy Matt Revell). I sent out some emails about it to those people who were interested in contributing to the charities documents. Everything is in place now, we just need to […]

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Forge is up

Right, I have added a document development Wiki to the site and this Wiki will be used to develop community documents such as my charity documents. I have named this system Forge, and I will be dishing out some user accounts to those who have already been in touch about getting involved. I have decided […]

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Flog it

Today I have started my vast flogging campaign. I have so much crap in this house that I should get rid of, I have decided to get it sold on Ebay. This inlcudes some books, games and…yes…I am selling the AIBO. The reason for this is so I can raise some money to build my […]

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Happy new year

2003 has ended and we are now plunged into 2004. This is going to be an important year for a number of things that I care about – my career, my band and of course the free software that I use every day. This year should see the SCO madness end, the Linux desktop prosper […]

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