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BBC, LUGRadio and Soilwork

Guess what, the BBC have finally got around to giving me a response regarding the complaint I have made. I got the letter through this morning and it says this: Dear Mr Bacon Thank you for calling the BBC on 23 and 25 February regarding Stephen Evans’ online article: Please find below a statement […]

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The LUGRadio fever continues

It seems that LUGRadio is doing really well. We have shifted over 6GB of data now and we are on the lookout for mirrors. I don’t think any of us expected this kind of reaction. We also want to thank all the people who have mailed fantastic comments to us. I am pleased this has […]

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Shifting it at some pace

It seems that LUGRadio is getting a heck of a lot of downloads so far, and it has only really been announced on our blogs and on The Inquirer and Newsforge. It has been submitted to Slashdot by Matt, so if there is no LUGRadio site when you try to access it, that might be […]

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LUGRadio goes live

Yes folks, we have done it, LUGRadio is reality. We have actually managed to pull off a LUG project. For those who are interested in hearing four blokes ramble on about Linux and crack jokes at each other, go and check out Be warned though, there is strong language. Let us know what you […]

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LUG meet last niht and we had a bunch of guys come down from South Birmingham LUG to do a Python talk. It was good to meet these guys and meet Tim again from SBLug. I was also talked into doing a KDE presentation at one of their meetings. The night continued in the usual […]

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The ongoing BBC battle

Well I called the BBC again today. Again I spoke to a polite and helpful person on the phone, and again I explained my complaint. I was then put on hold for quite some time as I demanded to speak to a supervisor. A few minutes passed and went and eventually I spoke to a […]

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LUGRadio is complete

Last night I edited LUGRadio Episode 1. For those unfamilar with the concept, LUGRadio is four of us from Wolves LUG sat round my studio with microphones chatting about Linux and having a bit of fun. Anyway, the edit is complete and the recording will be released any time now – we are just waiting […]

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Judge Jono

I have the great pleasure of announcing that I will be one of the judges in the Linux User & Developer Awards. I am looking forward to being part of this, and I can also announce that I will be giving a presentation on desktop Linux development on the first day of the Linux User […]

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Stats crazy

This site seems to be getting a lot of traffic recently. I am putting a lot of this traffic down to the recently announced Blender documents that are in the writing section. Let me give you a summary of the hits. On the 15th Feb I was averaging out at just over 2000 hits a […]

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Vetta II arrived

Yes, thats right, it has arrived. Today I had two huge boxes delivered to my house, one containing a Line6 Vetta II and one containing a Line6 FBV pedal. Are they good? Are they what they cracked up to be? Well, yes!! I plugged the Vetta II in and went through the presets. I have […]

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