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Oh yes

Last night I hacked my Qt program some more. Got the file input/output working and it is all coming together nicely. This is great stuff and should make my writing far easier. Today is another busy day. I want to clear out a number of articles so I can get some book work completed tomorrow. […]

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Fun and games

Well, the Debian machine I was setting up yesterday is now working. The problems I had with the 2.6 kernel were indeed because there was no IDE support compiled in. Thanks also go to Mark for leaving his advice on my last blog entry. After I got 2.6 working I then got onto getting the […]

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Debian fun

Last night I was hacking away at some Qt code to play with sockets still. I spent most of the time revising old code to handle QWidgets though. Finally fixed it after some head scratching. Today I brought the studio box downstairs and plugged it into the LAN. I upgraded it to Debian/Unstable and then […]

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Remote X

After some discussions with Telsa today regarding remote X sessions over a LAN, I felt compelled to give this a whirl on the Mac with its suped up X installation. To say impressed is an understatement. This is incredible. I can now have my KDE kicker menu running on the desktop. All the fonts are […]

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I drove to Wales today. It was a complete belter of a drive getting there – nearly 3 1/2 hours there and another dose of 3 1/2 hours back. My meetup with Telsa was cool; work done, randomness discussed and paper spread everywhere. Wales seems quite a nice place. The last time I was there […]

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Welcome Blenderheads

Ahhh cool, it seems my story that I submitted to the Blender website has been posted. I noticed 10 people online in the Writing section a few minutes back. Wow. Fingers crossed my whopping 11 part Linux Format Blender series will be made available sometime soon.

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Updates and GPL Pod Control

Tonight I have taken a few more photos to stick in the About section and for some of the publications. I am emailing all of this out tonight hopefully. I also changed the image in the Forums and Forge. I do plan on taking some of these pages out of the IFRAMEs by the way. […]

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Bath does not like cars

I drove to Bath yesterday to see a couple of guys from What Guitar? magazine and also see the Linux Format guys. I set off quite early and got to Bath a little while before my meeting with What Guitar? magazine. I then quickly realised that Bath really is not a place that likes the […]

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Treading on

It seems initial responses to the new cut seem quite good. It is weird having no hair – I have had long hair for years and it is taking some getting used to. It is a strange kind of out-of-your-head feeling. I suppose it just takes a little while to adjust. Had some fun last […]

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New hair

OK, yes, yes, I know I have been going on about this for ages, but my lovely thinning locks of hair have been attacked in preference of the the barnet on the left as my new cut. I cut my hair because there is simply less and less hair every day. It is difficult to […]

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