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So annoyed. I was just typing up a blog entry and then Mozilla Firebird (yes, not Firefox) chucked up this stupid font problem. No idea what triggered it, but I will have to look into it and send a bug report if it is not fixed in Firefox. For the last few years I have […]

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Why can’t things play nice?

It seems that various parts of my grand home network strategy do not want to play together. This all came to a head when I tried to install Debian 3.0r3 on the studio machine. While I downloaded Debian I hunted down my Belkin drivers and put the drivers into a directory on my windows disk […]

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Last night I updated my Writing section. Now all of you leechers can select just those articles with downloads. I have been thinking about doing some Linux based MIDI programming recently. The reason for this is that I can pick up a MIDIMAN MidiSport USB interface fairly cheaply and hook it up to the Vetta […]

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LUG meet last night. Ate lots, drunk lots, debated lots. It was good fun. I got in about 1.30am with Aq and then I wrote a new O’Reilly blog entry called Open Source, Open Innovation. Let me know your thoughts. Its been a tough year so far. Working hard in lots of different areas and […]

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New PC

Well, I went out last night to the computer fair and bought a new PC for the studio. I was going to go for components and build it myself, but I managed to snag a good deal with a company who would build it for me. I got the following system: Pentium IV 2.8Ghz (800MHz […]

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Moving ahead

Went to town today and picked up my specs. Everything looks wonky, but I have been assured that this is my eyes adjusting. I also picked up a razor – my hair is going soon, and there is no point no clinging onto it. I don’t want it to be shaved off but there is […]

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Lessons in variety

I decided today that I am going to teach guitar. I have been thinking this for quite some time, and I used to teach people a few years back. I created an ad today and went and put it in a few music shops. Should be fun. Tonight I did some writing, re-installed Fink, recompiled […]

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Playing with networks

I have been playing with Samba and working on getting everything working smoothly in my CVS copy of KDE. This involved running the Lisa daemon, fixing some things on my servers and then accessing the files in Konqueror. All works pretty well apart from a crash in Quanta – I think this needs a recompile […]

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Working the code

Tonight I have updated the Writing section of the site to make it a little more scalable. This is my initial work on the section, and I have some more plans for it such as comments , sorting, searching and publication info. The plan now is to dig up the details of all the work […]

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Yes, vanished for most of today it seems. I am not entirely sure what the problem was, but I think it was related to our ISP’s network. Nevermind, we are back now. Yesterday I read and article on the BBC that seemed to accuse of the Linux community of authoring the MyDoom, despite there […]

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