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Pull the string tighter

Today I have tidied up an article on Qt programming that I am writing for the Linux Journal in Germany and sent it off. I have also been working on my presentation for my talk on Linux as a viable desktop platform at the Linux User & Developer Expo in April. It is all coming […]

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I have just stuck a new song online called Presence. It is a song about a soldier coming back from a war and trying to return to normality. The aim of this one was to create a truly atmospheric piece. Emelye Penfold played cello. Last night I worked on my new design again and things […]

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More fun

We went away this weekend to visit my brother and his family in Doncaster. It was great seeing them and I am looking forward to meeting up again with them soon. When we got back I spent a few hours on the website redesign. As is usual, I needed to spend some time trying to […]

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Busy day

Busy day today. I got up at about 9.30 when the postman presented me with the new Blender manual. The manual is very, very good by the way. You all need to go and buy one. It is fairly reasonably priced too. Today we moved the LUGRadio forums over to Trigs server and everything is […]

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LUG Meet last night and I ate way, way too much curry. I also drunk a load of coke because I was driving and felt pretty sick towards the end of the night. Feeling better now and preparing for a gig tonight. Last night I got in and decided to start a redesign of this […]

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My mum and dad came up yeserday to visit. It was really great seeing them and we went out for curry and had some drinks. Good fun catching up and I look forward to seeing them again soon. I am off to visit my other family members at the weekend and in a few weeks […]

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Today I have been looking into Objective-C further for this Cocoa series. I spent some time exploring how the different parts of the Mac development system fits together, and trying to organise all of this in my head. There are a number of things that have taken a while to sink in through my thick […]

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Mozilla the modern day emacs?

You know, I have been thinking about how expandable Mozilla is becoming. I can foresee it becoming the modern day emacs. Emacs has always been reputed for the fact that it can do anything you want it to do including web browsing, programming, reading email, news and even…editing text. Mozilla seems to be heading in […]

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Amazon wishlist

I have just updated my Amazon wishlist and you are very, very welcome to go and buy me something from it. If you do decide to splash out and treat a hard working Bacon you will get much gratitude in this blog. Oh yes. Go on, you know you want to…

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I have been playing with XUL over the last day or so. I have always had it notched up on my blackboard of things to mess about with, and I figured I would spend some time with it. After reading around some docs and writing some test code I am well on the way to […]

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