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Mr Muscle

It was the last Sex In the City last night on Channel 4 and was, well, pretty shit to be honest. I really do like Sex In The City, but the last episode had more cheese than a block of chedder eating a three-cheese cheeseburger. Yes, pretty cheesy. After I had watched the final episode […]

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Sorry for a late update today by the way. You may have noticed some network trouble with earlier. Not sure what happened, but I think it is about fixed now. Anyway, I went over to Birmingham today to the Open Advantage opening do. Impressive place, and I am looking forward to seeing what potential […]

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It seems that initially LUGRadio Episode 3 is doing well. Lots of posts on the forum and a new record of users reading the forum at the same time are all good signs. I was taking a look at Simon Willison’s blog and noted two interesting finds that can be plugged into Firefox. The first […]

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LUGRadio Episode 3 is out!

Yes people, the mighty LUGRadio Episode3 has been released on the net. We recorded the show last night, and it is our longest show yet. We had a lot of fun recording it and I was up until 4am editing and bleeping out swearwords with animal noises. Go and download it at the LUGRadio website. […]

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I have seen Flightgear before but never really gave it some time. Anyway, I got an email today about a cool flightgear setup being constructed at the expo in april, and thought I would look into it. What did impress me when looking over the website was the sheer amount of scenery offered. Check out […]

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I have spent most of today exploring the world of Mac OS X Cocoa development for a series in MacFormat magazine. I have been playing with Xcode, Interface Builder and some other bits and bobs. Overall it seems quite an interesting system, although Objective-C is taking a little while to sink in. I suppose this […]

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About done

Well, the forum is pretty much complete now. I have finished the major chunks of what I wanted to write. As I said before, this forum code is being written for a book, so I cannot put the code online at the moment. I may well be able to do this in the future but […]

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I am just hacking this forum at the moment. Most of it is pretty much working – members, categories, forums, threads etc. I just need to finish up some things, make it look pretty with CSS and then tighten the code. I want to finish it today so I can start working it into the […]

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Orange belt

Well, I went, struck, I blocked, I kicked, I kata’d and I sparred. After two hours of training I left the dojo with an orange belt. I am, as you can imagine, well chuffed. After the grading I legged it back home (if you can call ‘legging it’ driving), picked up my guitar and case […]

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I am nervous. This is because I am gonna do my orange belt karate grading today. This is my second grading and it is pretty nerve wracking. Fingers crossed.

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