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I got up today and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I got on with some work as usual and then at around 1pm Sooz had some problems with some possible spyware. I took a look and it seemed to have taken the net connection down. I unplugged the cable modem and lo and behold, […]

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Cubase SX 2.0 arrived today and wonderous it is too. It really is a superb piece of software. What makes it shine however is the Groove Agent VST plugin that I have been using with it. This plugin is simply amazing. I can’t wait for you to hear the music I am writing at the […]

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Got quite a lot of work done yesterday and managed to get a few things out of the door. I have a few things to get out this morning and then I am gonna spend some dedicated time on the books. Yesterday PRO-53 arrived and tomorrow Cubase SX 2.0 should be arriving. I am looking […]

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We will rise

We went to see the mighty Arch Enemy last night. Support was given by the stonking Stampin’ Ground. It was a great gig and both bands played really well, but were plagued by a dodgy sound. Lots of moshing, crowd surfing and headbanging was had. Busy day yesterday. I wrote and submitted an article for […]

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Source clarity

I have been thinking about something recently regarding the potential of a solid, defined API. I like Qt, but Qt is only available as a graphical toolkit. If I want to write an application I will need to have a GUI interface to run my Qt program. I have been thinking how cool it would […]

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I am shattered. We went to the Planet in Wolves last night and had a good night. Yesterday I also managed to grab a few hours to get ALSA working. It all seems to work now, but I need to figure out the specifics of the breakout box. I also looked into getting GnomeMeeting working, […]

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Big speakers

It was Sooz’s birhtday yesterday and we went to Birmingham shopping. While we were there I bought a pair of huge studio monitors. They are Tannoy Active monitors and they sound cool. I needed some of these for mixing my songs better. Fingers crossed an improvement should be heard on the music and possibly LUGRadio […]

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The midi-as touch

Yes, another random and pathetic blog title. They get harder to come up with as time goes on. My MIDISport 2×2 finally arrived today. I am hoping this is going to open up a new world of poking around with amps via MIDI. The new studio machine that this little box is attached to is […]

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LUGRadio II: Back and ready for more

Yes people, LUGRadio Epidsode 2 is online and ready for download. It is 42.57mins of banter and sarcasm. Enjoy people and remember to dontate your comments and mirrors. Also check out the LUGRadio forum.

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Thanks to the efforts of Master Revell my O’Reilly article has been linked to Newsforge. You know, it has been interesting seeing the responses to this piece on the article itself and here. I am genuinely interested in peoples thoughts on this subject. I am just listening to Brutality Radio and there is some awesome […]

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