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OK, so it is difficult to do an impression of Blaze Bayley singing on Iron Maiden’s Virtual XI with the title of this entry. Note to self: try harder next time. The reason for the title of this blog entry is that I have written an article for the O’Reilly Network entitled Art, licenses and […]

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You know, there are times when you do something that you feel really proud of. This often occurs when you create something that satisfies you completely. Well my good friends, I am very proud of my new song that I recorded last night with my good pal Emelye Penfold. It is called Fragile and is […]

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Yes yes

I just got off the phone to Tim Weber, the Business Editor of BBC News Online. I had a long and interesting discussion about all of the issues involved with this complaint. He was fully professional and we discussed each of the issues in turn. Although we disagreed on the key parts of the complaint, […]

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