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To my surprise the Refining for usability blog entry that I wrote has made it to this months Top 25 Entries list. At the moment it is at number 7 and my Mozilla and the potential for interaction entry is at number 9. I am pleased that people are reading these articles, and I would […]

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Usability continued…

A few days back I wrote an article called Refining for usability in my O’Reilly Blog. The article mentioned KDE as an example, so I posted it as a submission to and I had an email saying that the content had basically been discussed before and there would be no posting. A few days […]

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Sun seem to be getting an aweful lot of flak recently from people. Not only did the venerable Eric Raymond stick the boot in about Java but now Pamela Jones from Groklaw has polished the steel toe-caps and sunk them in. PJ’s complaint seems to be based upon the fact that when you use the […]

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Mozilla, oh yes

I am just writing a web browser roundup for Linux Format and Paul (the chap who commissioned the article) informed me about the Firesomething add-on for Firefox. This is great. I am currently browsing the web in Mozilla Seastarfish. Maybe this add-on was the inspiration for the seemingly weekly change of name for the browser. […]

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I started trying to get Garnome working yesterday. All was going well until it barfed on some kind of Mozilla/GTK/Gecko library that is not packaged for Debian. This is going to involve hunting out some kind of patch and applying it. I will look into it tonight if I have time. After I had written […]

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CVSter Rantzen

I made a little mistake yesterday and forgot to add James Holden to the list of people volunteering for Infopoints. James has elected to manage the Leeds fair. This brings the volunteer rate up some more and I am pleased with how things are working out. We are going to begin arranging the wolverhampton Infopoint […]

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The Infopoint Project seems to have kicked off to a flying start. It will be announced in Linux Format in the next issue hopefully. I have also had volunteers for Manchester, Bradford, Doncaster, Wolverhampton and possible Birmingham. I am hoping to begin arranging concrete dates next week. Matt Revell is also working on some materials […]

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Linux Expo

I went to the Linux User & Developer Expo 2004 at Olympia in London this week. The event spread out over two days, and in addition to this I put on the dickie bow and suit at the Linux User & Developer Awards ceremony on the evening of the first day. So, what was it […]

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The infopoint project

OK, here are the details about my new announcement. It is something called the Infopoint project. The aim of this project is to provide a free software information point at the many computer fairs dotted around the world. These computer fairs are visited by the key people who we want to target our advocacy at; […]

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It takes shape

The mighty Linux box is really starting take shape now. I had a right old dilemma a while back regarding the ADMTek wireless driver that was available for 2.4. I wanted to use the 2.6 kernel and there was only a slightly hacked version from wadey. Although this version insmod’ed fine, I could not get […]

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