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Getting close

We had a gig last night at the Planet in Wolverhampton which was fun. Not much of a soundcheck but it was cool. It was good to play with our buddies in Fireswitch. We then came back, had a kebab in nan bread and watched Sex In The City DVD’s. Today I went and bought […]

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No show ESR

We went to the South Birmingham LUG (SBLUG) meet last night where ESR was due to speak, but he left them in the lurch and pulled out. I really felt for these guys as they had worked damn hard to host the evening and they had laid on a buffet. Tim from SBLUG asked me […]

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The radio and ESR

Well, last night we recorded LUGRadio Episode 5 and it was fun. We had a guest along for the ride in the form of Adam Sweet. I was up late last night mixing it and then it was released today. It is good to see lots of activity and response on the LUGRadio Forums. Tonight […]

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Easter was fun this year. On saturday my pal Alan came up to visit until Tuesday. We watched movies, ate lots of food, and played some PS2 games. On tuesday we went over to ST Records in Dudley to buy some CDs where I managed to pick up a bunch of Morbid Angel albums and […]

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The build of my mega-machine is going well. KDE is all compiled up and ready and I commited my first minor commit to the KDE CVS for a while. I plan on fixing some other bits and bobs if time permits – I would also like to contribute to some other projects. GNOME is proving […]

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The bleeding edge

I have decided to set up one cool machine. On this machine I am going to run the cutting edge in free software. For a start this machine is based on Debian Unstable and I will be compiling CVS KDE and GNOME. In addition to this I plan on compiling, Blender (main and tuhopuu) […]

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Advocating the right way

I have been thinking about advocacy a fair bit recently. I tend to think about it quite a bit and write about it in my Linux Format column Spreading The Word. There is no doubt that advocacy can be done in right and wrong ways. Their is a fine line between an enthusiastic user and […]

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New design

If you are reading this from my RSS feed or are living under a stone, you may not have noticed that I have changed the design to my site. Those of you who are actually reading this (or can’t read it due to some horrific bug that I have not fixed) will see the new […]

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Yes folks, there is no new site up here yet. I was planning on doing it last night but I was exhausted and needed sleep. This was partially due to having very little sleep recently and the additional excuse that we had a new mattress delivered and I had been out to the LUG and […]

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Nearly there

I have been hacking my new site design again, and last night I got most of it completed. It is looking cool now. It does not really look that much different in terms of visual appeal, but it contains a stack of new little extras that make the site easier to use. I still have […]

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