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My name is

I woke up today to be greeted by yet another email that made me chuckle. I had the pleasure of receiving a (stink) nugget of hilarity from Traitors F. Torrance with the subject Jono, need drugs? Oh, and while I think of it, I am interested in helping a Nigerian doctor launder some money; I […]

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Wham bam spam you man

You know, although I hate spam with a kind of hatred that even outdoes my hatred for cats, spam does make me chuckle sometimes. Today I got an email from someone called Brightens T. Haddock. I laughed myself silly for quite some time. What a stupid name. I can’t imagine having the surname Haddock, and […]

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I wrote an article last night about Mozilla and the potential for interaction for the O’Reilly Network. I have seen some interesting responses to this and thanks go to Gerald Bauer for the link to the XUL Alliance. Let me know your thoughts. It is great to see some progress being made on the LUGRadio […]

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OK, OK, Usability

I have tried to try and avoid this whole mess regarding usability of free software, but I think I need to chuck in my ten penneth. For those who are not aware of this saga you should first go and read Eric Raymond’s rant, then read John Gruber’s rant and then finally read Matthew Thomas’s […]

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Pushing the technology

I worked on the site re-design a lot more last night. I re-worked some of the sections and they seem much more integrated. I wrote a few of the sidebars and I have moved some of the content around to make it easier to access. I also added a blogroll to the new site. This […]

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LUGRadio released

Yes people, LUGRadio Episode 4 has been released. It was recorded last night and it is now available for download. Go and grab it and then come and join us on the LUGRadio forums.

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