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New home

I am pleased to announce that is going to be moving over to a new home. Although the sites on the server have been serviced well with the current ISP (cheers Chris!), the bandwidth requirements have outstripped our current hosting plan. We have decided to move over to the kind chaps at Bytemark Hosting. […]

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Pushing on

I am pleased to see that The system, man has been a popular read on the net. I logged into my O’Reilly account to see that it has the following rank: < p> Rank: 622 , 4841 page views. < p> It is interesting to see how the different ranks and page views contrast to […]

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Stuff and nonsense

I have a few new articles in Linux User & Developer magazine. One is about the OpenAdvantage scheme in Birmingham, and the other is about Blender and its history. These articles are in the current issue (Issue 39) which is on sale now. The Blender site have mentioned the article and LinuxToday have mentioned The […]

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Went out last night with Sooz, Aq, Matt and Matt’s mate. Good night and a lot of fun was had by all. The situation with Mono seems to be getting more and more press attention. This has also involved a spat between Havoc Pennington and Nat Friedman. There seems to be some disagreement in the […]

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Well, the training course that I gave from Monday until Wednesday is complete, and I am now back in the Midlands at home. The course went very well and the chap who I was teaching was not only impressed with the technologies that I trained him in (PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Linux etc.), but he was […]

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Training on

I have written a brand, spanking new entry in my O’Reilly Blog entitled The system, man. This article discusses the sheer amount of red tape that is initiated by new projects and how it can cause problems. As ever, I would love to hear your feedback, so leave it on the O’Reilly site, on here, […]

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InfopointAFF Chris Waddle

That topic will mean nothing if you have never seen the Fast Show by the way. I am down in Elstree at the moment doing some training (PHP / MySQL / XML etc) and we are making some really good progress. Long days, but great getting out of the office and doing some on-site work. […]

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Laugh? Oh, I laughed…

Busy few days recently. I have been working on various projects getting things completed and out of the way. I have also been playing a lot of music and doing a lot of drumming. We now have an Infopoint mailing list by the way. Thanks to the kind folks over at they graciously answered […]

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Well connected

As many of you are probably aware, the Evolution Connector that allows Evolution to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, has been made free software under the GPL. This is, simply, incredible news. Despite the fact that the Connector has existed in a functional form for quite some time, the issue that it was a […]

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War games

Last night I had a jam with Emelye and then a bit later Sooz and I watched War Games. I haven’t seen it for ages, and the old dusty video was testament to this face; a great film though, as ever. The only criticism I have of War Games is the nauseatingly bouncy and bubbly […]

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