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Wobbly Armadillos Sense Predators?

The Slashdot situation is getting weirder. My submission about Repetitive software injury is still pending. I wonder what the alumni at Slashdot are upto with it. We will have to wait and see… Busy weekend. On Saturday night we ventured into Birmingham for Steve (guitarist from Seraphidian’s birthday. Good fun, but unfortunately the minibus company […]

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Boxes of blog

I have been getting some interesting feedback about my Repetitive Software Injury entry on my O’Reilly blog. Thanks for the feedback and email I have been getting. I also had an email from a chap who said that he has implemented some support for RSI prevention in his companies XML editor. I am pleased that […]

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We had a LUG meet last night and it was fun. We stayed on topic rather well last night – it was actually like a real LUG. There was still an amicable amount of stupidity and funky pies to keep it real though. I now have a possibility of four dates for Infopoint booths and […]

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Well, I finished the Stephenson book last night and it is pretty cool. Good ending, and it felt like a strage yet logical conclusion. I have now moved onto Free as in freedom; a book about the venerable RMS. It looks like it will be an interesting read too. Today I got the go-ahead to […]

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Stephenson rocks it

On sunday we did a gig in Coventry. It was good fun, although it took a lot out of us. We needed to get there for 1pm to soundcheck and the promoter was late. We eventually got in at 3pm and had no sound check. It was a fun gig though, just very exausting. Yesterday […]

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Multimedia Linux

Good day today. We got up at about 10am and headed over to Birmingham for 11.30am to get ready for the Linux multimedia workshop at OpenAdvantage where I was demonstrating the GIMP and Blender. The response was generally very good, with a particular interest in Blender. There were some impressed faces when I showed off […]

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