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Collective hitchings

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been super busy. We went to visit family over the weekend and had a great time. It was good to see everyone, and on Saturday night we went to the Arena in Newcastle to a metal night. Good fun. Linux User & Developer is now out with […]

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Went to see Testament play last night. Incredible, incredible band. Awesome gig, truly impressive. Can you tell I enjoyed it? Thanks to Ikke for sending me over a GMail invite. Also, thanks to Matt Revell and Sam Williams for doing the same. I have now signed up and given it a bit of a whirl. […]

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Can you believe it, I actually uploaded a new recording to the site tonight. Nothing to amazing, it is just a simple drum test recording that made earlier today to test my Yamaha DTXPress III drums. I think it sounds quite cool. It is in the Music section. We recorded LUGRadio Episode 11 tonight and […]

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Imitation the number one

Phew, busy day today. Uploaded a new site that I have completed for a client, and then I worked on some parts of my own site. These new additions are coming along nicely, but I don’t know when they will be online; there is still quite a lot to do. I was chuffed to bits […]

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It rumbles on…

Some interesting discussion has been rumbling on inside the walls of some of my pals’ blogs. The whole shebang started when Aq referenced this post from Jorge Castro’s blog. It was then replied to by Matt, then again by Aq, and finally by Matt. The whole discussion is about that favorite of subjects – the […]

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Went to the LUG last night and it was fun. A bit different as it was over at Dave and Kat’s house, but it was nice to see the usual bunch as well as Woo and Tim. I drunk way to much Dr Pepper though. I was driving, so beer was off the menu, so […]

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Lack of blog entries for the last few days has been due to my hectic work schedule. All is going well though and I am ploughing through some projects. Fun fun fun. More great feedback has been coming through on the Infopoints and some more reports have come through about the success of the different […]

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More ‘points

Sunday was a busy day. I got up early to go to the Wolverhampton Infopoint and was there from 9am – 3pm. It was a great day and I was joined by Ron, Dave & Kat, Adam and Mo. We shifted all of the CD’s and LUG flyers that we had and it was incredibly […]

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Things to do

Last night we had a gig at the Planet in Wolverhampton. All was going reasonably well until the double pedal went on the drums and we had to cut our set short. Bugger. My god, it has been busy recently. I spent the last few days doing some training, and I am now working on […]

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8.55 and awake

Yesterday I spent the day training and the course is going well. I am teaching PHP/MySQL based web development, with a specific web application in mind for the student. I will be there for the next two days, and it should be fun. Last night we recorded LUGRadio Episode 10 and it went well. It […]

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