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You know, I have been working pretty hard recently and last night it pretty much all caught up with me. After working to get some articles ready before I go to some booked events, I also spent a few days getting up at 6am, getting in at 7pm and going to sleep at 12am. I […]

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Usability and new users

Sorry for the lack of updates – I have been down in Elstree training a chap and doing some consultancy work. This work has involved creating a project management system in PHP and MySQL and I have also been helping him get started with Linux. He got a copy of SuSE 9.1 and installed it […]

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Some good feedback on The path to unified interaction has come through, and I was interested to read the comments when it was linked at OSNews. Although I was pretty much expecting this to turn into a KDE vs GNOME flamewar, some people did get the spirit of my article and discussed it where they […]

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French Unification

Today I wrote an article about the problems facing the Linux kernel with regards to the ever expanding requirements for device drivers. It will be appearing on the O’Reilly Network. I also wrote a new entry for my O’Reilly Weblog entitled The path to unified interaction. The article explores the importance of abstracting out functionality […]

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Brother Bird

Sorry for the lack of updates; it has been a busy few days. Friday was a crazy day – got an article handed in, spoke on the phone to Erik Dasque at Novell about the Mono project and sorted some other things out. I then spent the weekend with my pals having a BBQ on […]

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The future

Well, my latest article has gone live on Newsforge. The article is called Mozilla and the future of the Web. The article basically discusses where Mozilla is heading, what challenges it faces and it also includes an interview with Chris Hofmann who is the Mozilla Foundation director of engineering. Good LUG meet last night. Very […]

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I was reading Jordi Mallach’s blog and I agree with his latest entry about Debian. The basic story is that it looks like there will vote on if AMD64 is added as a supported architecture in Debian. Jordi mirrors Joey Hess’s view that this concept of voting on such fundamental issues as important new architectures […]

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Well, the other day I got a nice email from Tim O’Reilly with an invite to EuroFoo (foo meaning Friends Of O’Reilly). I am really looking forward to getting over there, and I got my plane tickets last night. The event is being held in the Netherlands and it should be a lot of fun. […]

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Well, it seems that my blog feed is working fine with the new updates. Which reminds me, it is about time I encourage you all to go and take my feed and load it into your fave RSS reader such as Bloglines or Liferea. For more information, see this page. Oh, and do let me […]

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Fun software

Based upon some of my discussions on the Project Looking Glass mailing list, I decided to write an article on my O’Reilly Blog about some use cases and ideas for a 3D desktop environment. The article is called Beyond the dimension and some interests comments have been posted on there. The article is also linked […]

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