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Kernel usability

Another crazy few days packed with busyness and topped off with a little breathlessness. A new issue of Linux Format dropped on my door and there is a stack of my content in there this month. Cool. The bundled Linux Pro magazine also features another two articles, one of which being a cover feature on […]

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Social word counting

This week has been pretty crazy, and I have been busy tying up a load of bits and pieces. It has been one of those weeks where I have not achieved one huge goal, but lots of smaller ones. I am pleased these things are out of the way. I have been thinking a lot […]

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Well, I am finally back from EuroFoo, and my crazy August is starting to wind down. I have got three gigs this week and then the mad period is pretty much over – just the album to record next. That should be fun. EuroFoo was great. I set off from home at 3am on Thursday […]

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Angelina Jolie

Recently I commissioned a piece on for Linux User & Developer magazine and I got to work gathering information about the subject. I mailed Keith Packard, Jim Getty’s, Daniel Stone, Owen Taylor, Eric Anholt and I have only had some feedback from Eric. It was then outlined to me by Jim that many of […]

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Busy as usual

Sooz has been away in Bedford for her sisters birthday and I could’nt go due to some pre-rehearsals before we (Seraphidian) go into the studio to record our debut album. While Sooz has been away I have caught up on some work and I went over to Aq‘s last night to hang out. While there, […]

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Well, I am finally back from my traveling spree. The last ten days has been an incredible time spent with some incredible people. Some memorable moments are now fixed in my mind. Just over a week ago we went to Wacken in Germany. For the uninitiated, Wacken is a metal festival that has some of […]

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Sun for the world

What a busy time it has been recently – and you can probably guess this from the lack of updates to my blog. I have plenty to say and share, I have just been finding it difficult to grab a few minutes to post something. This busyness has all been related to a number of […]

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