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Loud noise is good for you

You may be wondering why there has been a distinct lack of updates all week. Well, this has been because I have been in the studio with my band (Seraphidian) recording our debut album. It has been a series of long 12 hour days, but we have now completed principle tracking. This has included all […]

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Arthur’s bench

Today has been one of those days where my brain has been in about ten places at the same time. On one hand, I have been thinking about the work I need to do, on another hand I have been thinking about desktop usability, on another freakish third hand I have been thinking about desktop […]

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File picking pickle

Last night I signed up to a couple of mailing lists that I have been meaning to get on for a while. This was the general freedesktop list and the xdg list. The idea that has been spinning around my head that prompted me to join was the problem of applications not looking native […]

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