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The day before

Last night we (Seraphidian) released our debut album ‘Caged‘. We launched it at The Planet in Wolverhampton and it was astounding to see such a great response from the heaving crowd. We played a short four song set, and we finished up with a cover of Davidian by Machine Head to get people going. The […]

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Long running visitors to this site and readers of my work in the magazines will be well aware of my passion for Linux, Open Source and free software advocacy. Ever since I first got involved with Linux back in 1998, I have wanted to tell everyone just how cool (a) the software is, and more […]

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More photos in the Gallery Well, this weekend I went away to Holland with my buddy Jon Leeke to visit the Blender Conference 2004 where I was doing a talk. We set off on Thursday evening at about 3am and got on our plane a few hours after that. Earlier in the evening I had […]

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Too busy to blog

That is right people. I am so damn tied up with work I have no time to keep you updated. I will be back soon, and I will let you know what has been happening. Stay tuned…

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Oh so busy

See the Gallery for more. Well, the boy Revell got hitched to the lovely Lyne and a great day was had by all. Included in this foray of wedding bliss was the usual staple of wedding photos, tearful family, speeches and people looking uncomfortable in their suits. To compliment this, Aq and I successfully managed […]

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More pictures are in the Gallery Well, the last few days have been great fun. A bunch of us (Aq, Ade, Lee, Dave and Kat) went down to the LinuxWorld expo in London. We stayed in our usual haunt down there, and it was great to meet up with the following great people: Schwuk Jon […]

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Washing maps

Photos from the Voluntary & Community Sector Open Source Meze in London I always find it amazing how reliant on everyday household items we are. Months will go past and you won’t even think about how much you use your toaster, oven or some other device. Then, when your back is turned, a series of […]

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OpenStreetmap music

Well, I got my patched Orinoco driver working, and I also got Kismet working and so it outputs what it finds by speaking to me with the Festival speech synthesis system. It is pretty damn good – I still have no idea how to use it to its fullest potential, but it is fun to […]

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GPS Blogging

This week has pretty much reflected exactly what being a freelancer is all about. I have had late nights, early mornings, a variety of different things to work on, challenges speaking to vendors who can’t their arses from their elbows, and I did the whole lot from the comfort of my dressing gown – all […]

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