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Had a nice weekend. On Friday I headed down to London with Sooz and Steve to see Dismember play. Excellent gig and they were supported by the fantastic Anata. After the gig we traveled back, then went to bed and as Sooz fell asleep, I watched the first few episodes from my new West Wing […]

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Radio Ga Ga

Blogging is such a fun thing to do. Despite the fact that Paul and I sit two feet away from each other, it is still fun to blog about our opinions. That is not to say we ignore each other at work (oh yeah, Paul is my boss at OpenAdvantage), but we might as well […]

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Usability schmoosability

After the busyness of last week, it has been nice to spend a week without traveling all over the place. Since I have got back from The Hague I have been working on a few areas in which there is the potential for some Open Source adoption. This has hooked in with a lot of […]

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More photos in the Gallery. On Wednesday i headed over to the Open Source and Libre Software in Government conference over in The Hague, Holland. I met up with Pete Nichols from the UCE, checked-in and then waited for the flight. We got into Schipol at about 7.30pm (Amsterdam time) and then attempted to get […]

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Posh lunches and open bunches

More photos in the Gallery. Yesterday, Elliot and I headed down to London to the Open Source in the Public Sector conference. Taking place at the swanky QEII conference center in Westminster, the event discussed how Open Source can be used by the public sector and the wide and varied issues involved. The event was […]

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Whistle and flute

Good weekend, this one. Old flame Soraya came up to visit, and we all headed out for a curry on Sunday night. It was nice to spend a weekend not working for once. After the success at the local governance event, I started following up on some of the leads from the event, and it […]

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Local government and Open Source

It was a good day yesterday. Over at Villa Park (a place I have never been to, and a place that is pretty damn impressive) we run the OpenAdvantage booth to represent Open Source at an event dominated by local government. We got there early, set the stand up, spoke to some friends and associates, […]

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The right way to advocate

Got in at 8.30am today, checked mail and blogs and then got on with some other bits and bobs. It was interesting to log on and see some of the responses regarding my last blog posting. Although Plone looks interesting and is likely to be my final choice of CMS, I am keen to look […]

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Busy day today. Got into work at 8.30 and successfully managed to brave the alarm system for the first time. A bit worried about setting the alarm off and getting the police called out, I legged it in and disabled the alarm in a feat of physical capability reminiscent of the krypton factor. Today we […]

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TV tales

OK, OK, first let me apologise. It has been a while since I added a post, but my first week at OpenAdvantage has been rather busy. I am really settling into the place and there is some truly good work going on here. I am starting to find my feet and getting going with some […]

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