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Ho ho ho

Fear not folks, I am still around. You may have noticed a distinct lack of website activity around here, but I have had precious little net access. I have recently moved house, and buried somewhere between the boxes and piles of random crap that I never knew existed, lives the tatters that is a dial […]

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I know I seem to start each blog entry off by saying that things have been really hectic recently, but they truly have. These things are currently battling for time in my life at the moment: Moving house – tomorrow we move to a new house and as such, our current house looks like a […]

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A sad day

Today is a sad day for metallers everywhere. One of the finest examples of a metal guitarist and all round good guy was murdered. Dimebag Darrell leaped to fame with Pantera in the 80′s, and they went on to become one of the most prominent metal bands of the 90′s. Pantera were an incredible band, […]

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The back

Despite having lots to do, I managed to do something to my back. This has resulted in me spending much time on my back today. It seems to be getting better though and I should be fine to go up and speak at the d:CODE event up in Hull. These chaps asked me to come […]

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Christmas time

You know, I hate moving house. It really sucks, big time. On this particular moving occasion, Sooz and I are moving about 200 yards from our current house (we are renting now and want to buy) and hence the moving process seems so utterly pointless as we are just going down the road. Nonetheless, this […]

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Check it out

Recently, I decided that I wanted to compile the GNOME CVS copy, and I want to be back on the bleeding edge of CVS code again. I am not sure where this strange desire has bubbled up from, but I am pretty sure a lot of it is derived from reading Planet GNOME, seeing the […]

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