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Last December

This weekend I had Season 1, 2 and 3 of 24 arrive. We started watching Season 1 on Saturday afternoon and last night (Sunday night) we had watch 21 hours of it. We wanted a lazy weekend, and we got it. LUGRadio Season 2 Episode 8 has been released. This show has an interview with […]

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Lots of bits

Went out last night with Aq and his family. We went out to have a meal, but unfortunatly the evening was cut short when his daughter became sick. Sooz and I pass our best wishes on, and we hope she is feeling better soon. Oh, and happy birthday you great buffoon. I have released version […]

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Today I went into town and submitted my tax return. I never enjoy filling those damn things in, but they need to be done. All sorted out. Great to hear some interesting things from you comment-leavers. First of all, Senji, yep, I do need to fix the rendering of the site when I insert an […]

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I am a vegtable

Went to the quacks the other day and it turns out my specific problem at the moment in Bronchitis. Not nice. It looks like I will need some more anti-biotics, and the doctor has asked me to call if I need them. I called today and the surgery was shut! Typical. Last night we recorded […]

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Pure juices

Well, the good news is that I am feeling a bit better. I am hoping that I am finally on the mend, and I have my fingers crossed that I will be back into work tomorrow. I will have to see how I am tonight. Don’t you just love online translators by the way. I […]

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Got a bad virus

After some rough days, I tried my damnedest to get better for going to see Chas and Dave at the Rock Cafe. Although I felt pretty bad, Sooz and I headed over to meet up with Aq and Sam and we went out. The honky tonk kings were not on until 9.30, so we headed […]

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I won’t bore you too much with the latest health situation. Still rough, less coughing last night, but still feeling very heady. Tonight we embark out to see Chas and Dave, and I am hoping that some cockney knee slapping music will get me going. I got up today and I had recieved an email […]

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I hate this

I hate to sound predictable, but I am still not very well, and I am in fact, worse. On Wednesday, we were doing a seminar on LAMP, and I was set to do the main talk. I spent Tuesday at home working on the talk and I got up early on Wednesday to head over […]

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Get it there!

I am pleased to say that my little GNOME iRiver program became actually useful today, and it now detects an iRiver and displays it in the box: I now have enough information from HAL so I can easily write the main functionality in the program. Thanks must go out the HAL maintainer himself, David Zeuthen, […]

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Sleeping ugly

In my life, I have been known to do some odd things in my sleep. When I was a kid I used to sleepwalk quite a bit, and I twice locked myself out of the house doing so. One particular time, I wandered outside and as soon as the door locked shut, I woke up. […]

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