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One year

Well, today I head over to FOSDEM with some guys from work. I have never been there, so I am intrigued to see whether it will be interesting or monotonous. I have heard good reports of people who have been to FOSDEM, so I am quite looking forward to getting over. My plane sets off […]

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Wow, I have failed to clock on with the blog for a few days. This is mainly because my parents came up to stay at the weekend. We had a really great few days and had a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing them soon. When they had set off on Sunday, I […]

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Thrash on

Last night Sooz, Steve and I went to see Kreator and Dark Tranquillity at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London. We headed off from here at about 5pm and finally got there at around 8pm. Aside from a decidedly woolly sound, the gig was a pretty stonking affair. It was great to finally see Dark […]

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Got up on Monday to do a days training in the LAMP system. I was training at home and luckily my Nokia 6610 arrived. I got everything charged up and it is a really nice phone. The challenge now is to figure out how to get it hooked up via Bluetooth to my laptop (which […]

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Dedicated to Dime

Phew! A few days have passed since I last blogged, and things have been incredibly hectic. Just to complicate matters, I did actually write up a blog entry the day before yesterday and never got round to posting it (I fell asleep on the couch). I have since tried to hunt it out and I […]

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Yesterday Susan was due to have her wisdom teeth yanked good and proper out of her head. I took her to the hospital for 7.30am and then headed off to the work. I had booked the day after off to mop her brow, but the operation was canceled. I went and picked the non-hamsterfied Susan […]

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Impacted impact

It seems the server is doing pretty well at the moment. Last night I had a few weird problems with the front page of, but it seemed that the problem lied with my O’Reilly Weblog feed. I have since disabled external feeds until they are sane again. Speaking of my O’Reilly Weblog, I have […]

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Back in black

Well, it appears like we are back again. After a few days downtime (including a day of service-so-unstable-it-was-virtually-down-anyway-time), it appears we are back. Let me explain what happened. On Thursday night I tried to access and it was unavailable. I tried to log into the admin shell and that was down too. I suspected […]

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Three things

Got into work today after a stupid amount of time on the M6 this morning and did some research into some assists that we are working towards. This afternoon I then had another meeting with the chap about Open Source CAD software development. The meeting went well and I wish him every success in achieving […]

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CADre Ozz

OK, first off, I apologise for my failure to upload my LUG Christmas bash photos. Last night was a bit hectic with me finishing off some bits on an article and then falling asleep in front of Smallville (that annoyed the hell out of me). Today I got into work and discussed a project we […]

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