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Yes folks, I am still alive and kicking. Last week was a busy mother and aside from my normal chunk of work that I needed to get done, I also suffered from a pretty bad return of the flu. I was quite concerned this was going to bring my back my previous bronchial nastyness. I […]

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Good meeting

On Friday I headed down to London to see Nick McGrath at Microsoft and this mystery organisation who they have struck a deal with. It was a good meeting and it was good to hook up with Nick again. There is an embargo on who this organisation is until Monday, but on Monday I will […]

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Anyone want to buy me a wallet?

Most of this week has consisted in me catching up with all the stuff put back while I was working on the LAMP course with Elliot. As such, I have been calling people, emailing people, doing paperwork, fixing bugs, setting up servers, setting up CRMs and more. It has been one of those weeks where […]

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Mini Mad

On Monday I got into work and the Mac Mini had arrived. When this little box of tricks was released, I figured this could be useful as a development server. It is super quiet, very small, and will be ideal to sit in the corner of my studio, running an XDMCP session so I can […]

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Today I played with Kino a little. I have been meaning to get my FOSDEM footage off the camera and into your web browser, and today was a first step. I am still working out a few quirks with it, such as not getting audio in Kino but the captured footage having audio when played […]

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Mystery members

The end to another busy week. The training this week went well and I was eminently impressed with Elliot’s teaching abilities. I do enjoy working with Elliot; he has a very methodical way of approaching a subject and he shows compassion and dedication to those who want to learn. I think we made a pretty […]

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Patrick Moore is the man

Uploaded a few snaps from seeing my friend and yours, Karl Spain, on Friday night. Here is a snap of Karl entertaining the Glee Club massive in Birmingham: And here is a nice shot of the chap after the gig with your genial host: I used to live with Karl in Wolverhampton in a student […]

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Good weekend this weekend. On Friday night we hooked up with an old housemate called Karl Spain who has since become a professional stand-up comedian and is touring all over the world. He was, as you may expect, rectum-shakingly funny, and we had a great night. It was fantastic to see him again, and we […]

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OK, that was wierd…

Wow, busy week. Once again, the ‘ol blogging has taken a hit with all the stuff I have been busy with. We have been busy working on a bunch of materials for a week long LAMP training course. This takes one heck of a lot of preparation, and aside from this I have also had […]

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LUGRadio Live 2005!!

For bigger photos, click here This weekend I went to FOSDEM with the guys from work. It was a great trip to Belgium and the show was pretty decent. We got there the night before and went out to a great little bar where we worked our way through the different beers on the menu. […]

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