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Recently inspired by Xgl, I have been playing with getting it working today. I managed to compile Xgl no problem, and then I got it running in a window with the composite effects working. Nothing really OpenGL based here, but it gives you an idea of where things are going: In addition to Xgl, […]

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More CRM

Yesterday I had a day chock full of meetings. The meetings went well, and one particular project I am working on is going to prove to be a fantastic Open Source case study. The guys in this organisation are very keen on Open Source, and they are exploring CRMs in different ways. It seems I […]

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Sheesh, plenty going on. Today I battled with kernels to try and get the VMWare kernel modules working. As I banged my head against the table to get the Ubuntu supplied kernels to compile, I could not understand why it was becoming so difficult to simply get VMWare working. I tried a number of times […]

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Yesterday at work I managed to reinstall a fresh hoary on my laptop and claim back half the hard disk that was reserved for Windows – I have decided to run Windows in VMWare. I just need to compile the fricking vmware kernel module. Anyone know what this kernel module actually does? In addition to […]

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I have discovered in recent weeks that I am finding it increasingly difficult to blog enough. Much of the reason for this is because I am so busy busy doing stuff, I rarely seem to get the time to tell the world about it. As such, from this blog entry onwards, I am going to […]

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Uncle Joan

This weekend Sooz and I flew to Dublin to see my brother and his family. We had a great time and we look forward to seeing them soon. It was nice to see my little nephew Jack again. He certainly gets his good looks from his uncle: While in Ireland I was also pleased to […]

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I had an interesting discussion with Aq the other day regarding Fitts Law and how important it is. One of my cynicism’s with usability has been the real and tangible effect that a usability theory actually has on the audience. As much I agree that Fitts Law does have a positive effect on usability, I […]

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Banger cont.

Thanks for all the nice comments about Banger. He seems to be settling in now, and is becoming much more content with his new home and his lifestyle. He is a very playful little pup, and after some time darting around the place and playing with his toys, he cordially zonks out on the couch: […]

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Bacon and sausage

First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for Seraphidian in the Snickers Unsigned competition. Today is the final day of the vote and I have been informed that the three winning bands will be notified of the result tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! We have had a pretty expansive drive to get people from all […]

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I need your help!!

OK folks, I really need your support here! As I mentioned in a previous entry, my band Seraphidian have been finalised as one of the top 10 bands to play at the huge Download festival in the UK; a prize that also includes making a single, a music video and basically getting signed. The winner […]

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