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GUADEC rocks a big ‘un: As Paul and I belted across Schiphol airport to catch our connecting flight to Stuttgart, we found jdub and Roberto who were on the same flight. Saw a fascinating presentation about Pitivi yesterday. Pitivi is a project to create a non-linear video editor that is based on GStreamer. This is […]

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Here we are at GUADEC in Stuttgart. Stuttgart seems a pretty interesting place, and I am now sat in a Python presentation that is discussing Gazpacho and SimpleGladeApp. When we arrived yesterday we tried to hack some bits with the OQO. Luckily, we managed to get the track stick working and X now takes up […]

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Laying the foundations

Went to the Microsoft press meeting today and it was interesting. I will write up more about this when I can grab some spare time. Today I started the wheels moving on a new project I am founding that I hope will have a pretty big impact. I am still getting the variables right in […]

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Stuff and nonsense

Firstly, condolences to Aq and his family about the loss of Bert. He was a rarity in the cat world – a cool cat. I normally don’t like the arrogant vermin, but Bert was truly an exception to the rule. My new snazzy drum kit arrived today and it is awesome. After Karate I spent […]

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Things and more things

Wow, some awesome stuff going on today. Firstly, prompted by this thread on PHPWM, I delved into Eclipse some more today with the help of Elliot. Wow, what a great IDE. The PHP plug-in for Eclipse is kind of deceiving and much of its functionality tends to remain quite hidden. I do however love how […]

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Today I put a new song online called Banished. This is a pretty heavy song that I wrote a while back. I had the tracks knocking around for a while (the music tracks) but I needed to record the vocals. I am pretty pleased with it. Friday I head down to laandan taawn (London Town) […]

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Bassist lookalike

Had a nice weekend. Worked all day on Saturday on the book, fixing some code and proofreading, and then on the evening we went to Burton to see my parents who were working in nearby Derby. We went for a lovely meal and caught up. It was great fun. On the Sunday, Sooz and I […]

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The list

A few cool things are going on: On Thursday and Friday I gave a PHP/MySQL training course, and each of the students signed up to PHPWM. Glad to see the group is growing. I have recently been asked to sit on the EuroOSCON Commitee, so this should be good fun. Last night I finished off […]

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Price Of Freedom

Shock horror people, I have put a new song on here. After a bit of a hiatus away from my own music, I finally got round to recording and mixing a song I have had in my head for a while. The song is called Price Of Freedom.

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Musical baton

Been busy this week building some code for some different things. Much of this is to be used in the PHP and MySQL courses that I am doing, one of which begins tomorrow morning. I have been learning a lot about databases recently. When programming in PHP, I tend to naturally see most of the […]

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