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Dog evolution

OK, for fans of the cute dog photos, here are a few more. The other day we decided to bath Banger for the first time and he was a little unsure of the water: After his bath (well, sink), we dried him with a hairdryer on a cool-ish setting and he fluffed up: It seems […]

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Wobbles and Bluetooth

What a hectic day or so. Firstly, last night I was fiddling around with getting Luminocity working. This 3D OpenGL driven window manager contains the so called wobbly windows that have been discussed across the net, and last night I got it working. Here is it in action: If you grab the window and spin […]

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Servicing the services

Well, my experiments into web services have borne fruit. I successfully managed to connect to the Amazon web services and perform a query. The code was written in PHP and I used the PEAR SOAP extension. The basic premise is that you create a WSDL client with the SOAP extension and then pass a request […]

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Web services

I just registered with Amazon to use their web services API. I have to confess that I have not done any web services work before, but I am quite excited by the idea of hooking into some existing sites to play with their data. I have a few ideas at the moment for what I […]

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Dog Cam

Having the pooch around the house has called for some clever thinking. We have been wanting to leave him outside to play while we are in the house, but felt uncomfortable, just in case he eats a badger or something. So, I have set up the dog cam: It is a wireless camera I picked […]

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So, I finally managed to get the Mailman setup working with Exim. This comes as quite a surprise, particularly given my relative inability of using Exim. Nonetheless, I have got it working, and I can officially announce the West Midlands PHP User Group. The aim of the group is to provide a place in which […]

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Dog shoes

Today my first print copy of php|architect arrived and it is pretty darn good. I have been waiting for this for ages, and although I have bought a few of their PDF back issues, it is far more satisfying having a print copy to leaf through. I found this particularly useful today when banger was […]

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Evolution plugin

I am working with a client to possibly get funding for a SugarCRM plugin for Evolution, and it struck me today that I don’t instantly know who to ask to code this. Sure, I could possibly contact Novell, Red Hat or maybe Sun, but I thought there must be some small scale companies who can […]

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Bits and bobs

So, SugarCRM 3.0 has been released. This is great news. As the CRM boy at OpenAdvantage, I have quite a fondness for Sugar. Although very much a corporate and sales driven CRM, it does satisfy many of the needs of organisations. What does concern me however is the price of Sugar Professional. At $250 or […]

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After finally getting VMWare going, I determined that aside from using it to run Windows to demo Open Source software that actually runs natively on Windows, I also want to use it to run bleeding edge distros. The last time I run a bleeding edge system (running Hoary a good four months before it was […]

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