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LRL finishes

Well, LUGRadio Live 2005 is finally over. It was a stunning weekend and incredibly heartening that such a vibrant community could pull together to pull off such a memorable event. We are so proud of everyone. Even Pickle. I am not going to iterate through the series of events at LRL, as they have been […]

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LUGRadio Live kicks off

Not much blogging recently, mainly because I have been flat out with work. The last few weeks has been utterly insane. That is not an understatement – I have literally not rested hardly at all. So, this is the big weekend. LUGRadio Live 2005 kicks off tonight with the pre-show session at the Hogs Head […]

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Spent today catching up on various bits and bobs. The next few weeks are pretty busy – I have quite a few meetings, training courses and other projects we are working on. There is some pretty exciting work going on, and I am looking forward to getting stuck into it. Today we had an informal […]

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Not much blogging this week as I have been so busy. We have also been up to visit my parents and introduce them to Banger. This week I also started hacking on an audio blogging tool that uses GStreamer: In the next issue of Linux User and Developer I wrote the cover feature. My first […]

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GStreamer fun

Today I finished off an initial implementation of the render box patch for Pitivi and then mailed it to Edward. There are still some bugs and issues with it, but Edward is being gracious enough to look over things as I learn all of this new technology. I am increasingly impressed with GStreamer, and I […]

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More Pitivi

Did a bit of hacking this weekend on Pitivi. I first submitted a patch that makes Pitivi start maximised, and then then I started work on re-engineering the render box. Much of it works at the moment, and here is the interface so far (not HIGified yet): And the other tab in which you can […]

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GUADEC: the evidence

So, in summary, GUADEC was awesome. You all knew that. I knew that. There were some incredible talks, and some of the good stuff was in this blog entry. After I posted that entry, I went to some pretty fascinating talks. Damian Sandras gave a great talk about GnomeMeeting and its SIP and Asterisk support, […]

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Not any time for a blog update, so a quick mention that Pitivi rocks. I spent some time today working with Edward to debug some problems with it. He ported it from C in a few months to demo at GUADEC and it is based on the awesome GStreamer framework. Oh, and its written in […]

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