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So much stuff

Headed to OpenTech in London on Saturday with Sooz, and met up with Aq there. After spending an extortionate amount of money on travel (train, cabs) and eating the most hideous bacon sandwich ever constructed, we finally made it into the event. It was good to finally meet Danny O’Brien and Dave Green, and it […]

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Been busy as usual. The hacking on my new site is going pretty well, but I am only really allocating time for it at weekends. I tend to spend Saturday night from about 1.30am until I pass out hacking on stuff. The new site is getting there, despite the usual wrangling with CSS. I need […]

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Fun weekend. Met up with friends on Saturday night, and I also met up with the band on Sunday. We have had some time off due to an injury with our drummer Jon. We are all looking forward to getting back into it. In addition to this I spent some time on Saturday working on […]

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I am not going to talk about London – the bastards responsible want the attention. My sympathies are with the victims and my hatred are with the responsible. Well, the LUGRadio: Live and Unrestrained video is finally released. Go grab a torrent. Getting this thing encoded and working on all systems has been a real […]

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Mucho goodo

First things first. Software patents have been thrown out. This sounds pretty final as Dave Neary points out. This is fantastic, utterly, utterly fantastic. Tonight happens to be a LUG meeting, and we are all going to celebrate – Kat is even baking a cake. Last night I knocked up a quick article on my […]

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Hacked some more on the shopping cart – small look and feel fixes. The problem with projects such as this is that they can turn into a life dominating project. I have another five projects to write, so that best not happen. Today I worked on an IBM presentation for an event I am speaking […]

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History lesson

Spent some time hacking a shopping cart that I wrote about a year ago into a usable state for the book. This involved the usual process of converting all the crufty old crap that was the peak of knowledge back then into all the new stuff I have learned since. Hacking really is an evolution […]

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Desktop bits

I am knackered. this week has been a long and tough one, mostly due to a lack of sleep since last Thursday. Despite walking around like a zombie, I managed to get lots done and its been a productive week. Luckily, things are starting to settle down now a bit at work. I have tied […]

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