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Open Sourcing a product

Well, it seems like we may be on the way to finding out what the problem is with the server. It looks like there may not be a memory leak at all and the load is simply peak traffic. Matt Bloch from Bytemark kindly had a look at the box and threw some pretty rigorous […]

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Thanks for all the comments about which SVN viewer to use. It think it is safe to say that Trac is a highly recommended choice. If I can make it fit in with my current directory structure (this could even be done with mod_rewrite) I think I will run it. This is a shame in […]

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Subversion server set up

Went out for dinner last night with friends, and then when we got in I figured I should finally get around to sorting my subversion server out. The result is The only project that is in there at the moment is the XAMPP Control Panel (svn). I will probably get GNOME iRiver in there […]

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Hacking some more

Got into bed last night and we started watching Season 4 of 24. Sooz fell asleep through the first episode, but I carried on watching. I then proceeded to watch eight episodes back to back. Woke up today a bit knackered. Good job I was off work on holiday. Tonight I started hacking a new […]

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Hot Dog

You know, Banger is cool. In fact, sometimes he is so cool, he looks good enough to eat: Today Sooz and I took it easy. I played some guitar, watched some TV and hacked on my new site. Don’t you just love time off? Still having a few server troubles. We are trying to nail […]

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Bugfix and upgrade

It seems my first release of the XAMPP Control Panel had a bug in it. Thanks to oris for reporting it. The bug assumed that a GConf key was set that stores the XAMPP path location. This prevented it from running. I have fixed the code and released a bugfix release, 0.5.1. Headed over to […]

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Job done

After some more hacking on my new little project, I am pleased to release the XAMPP Control Panel version 0.5. I have bumped the version to 0.5 as it is fairly complete, but needs some decent testing. In addition to fixing some bugs, I have also added a large button to start and stop the […]

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XAMPP Control Panel

Just spent a couple of hours hacking on a front end for starting the different components in XAMPP. This is going to be useful for my own use of XAMPP as well as when teaching PHP/MySQL courses. At the moment you can set your installation path (saved in GConf) and you can start/stop any of […]

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Subclipse success

For many people, Subclipse (a plug-in for Eclipse) has been either really good or really bad. Reports have ranged from not getting it to work at all to it being a breeze. This kind of discussion appeared on the PHPWM list today as I was trying to fix it. Luckily, I found the solution. Subclipse […]

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Firm Breezy

I have decided I am going to do some running. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, I wouldn’t mind clearing a bit of space and get the Bacon love battery downgraded a bit. A few too many beers and pies have created a battery with a little too much power. Unfortunately the battery is […]

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