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GTK and Hula

Last night I hacked my site some more, fixed a long running problem I have had with HTML_QuickForm and made some progress. The new incarnation of the site will feature a ratings system for songs and support comments on songs. Today we bought the largest bag of dog food I have ever seen and we […]

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The bind

Thanks for the interesting comments about the vim shenanigans. I am aware that ubuntu-base is a meta-package for the essential bits and bobs in Ubuntu, but I find it unusual that vim is in there by default on a distribution so focused on the GUI. As for the suggestion to simply use vim, I doubt […]

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Finished up the PHP and MySQL course today and the feedback was good. I enjoyed this one – the group was enthusiastic, fun and encouraged each other. The other day I saw PIDA and I am quite intrigued by it. Before the course started this morning, I was chatting to one of the core PIDA […]

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Teacher teacher

Today I was teaching seven people the relative joys of PHP and MySQL. They are a good group and it is a joy to see people getting excited about Open Source. There is a particular moment when all the different pieces just fit together and the student knows exactly how they can do some really […]

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Cup of dog?

Worked from home today as we were having a fence built because some scrote was wandering past our house and decided to have a crack at kicking our fence in. The pathetic excuse for an individual knocked one fence panel down. Our fence was pretty flimsy anyway, so we decided to get a decent one […]

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Wandered in a little weary this morning after no breakfast and staying up late working on the book. Before I went to sleep I fixing a stack of bugs I inadvertently merged into the code when I applied some decent validation. Fixed that, read a bit of my book and fell asleep with my specs […]

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The finger eater

In my quest to understand the world around me, I have discovered that dogs like to eat fingers. The pooch that lives in our gaff demonstrated this desire for digits last night. To be fair, he was gnawing on the wooden chair I was sat on as Sooz and I had our dinner. I had […]

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Blogger API

Went to Bedford yesterday for Susan’s sister’s 21st birthday. This involved drinking lots of beer, eating a stack of Mexican food and resultantly peeing like a horse at 3am in a hazy state. On the way down and back I hacked some more on my website. One of the new features I want to implement […]

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Awesome. It seems some bright spark has decided to create an AJAX PEAR module called HTML_AJAX. The good news is that the module has been officially released, seems to be developed by a competent hacker and also has a decent roadmap. I find the concept of a widget library particularly intriguing in the roadmap. to […]

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OOo and Gazpacho

Great to see that some hacking on Gazpacho is going on. A few weeks back I was working to create some mock-ups of interface concepts for PiTiVi and a few other things. I tried both Glade and Gazpacho and I found both pretty difficult to use. They are certainly useful for creating dialog boxes, but […]

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