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Today I travelled down to IBM’s Hursley offices to do a talk on the Linux desktop and where it is going. I got a train down to Reading, jumped in a car with Josette from O’Reilly and then we both got lost a few times on the way to Hursley. The Hursley offices are huge. […]

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Fixed up my presentation for tomorrow. I spent way too long digging out an image for a slide. Its a shame that the OpenClipart site only dishes out .svg files. I needed to load the file into Inkscape to convert it to a .png. Inkscape seems a nice tool to use, but it also seems […]

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Fine grained annoyance

Headed over to Swansea on Friday to do a talk at the UKUUG summer conference. Good to see Alan, Telsa, Sladen, Josette, Matt Garrett and others. The talk went well, although the lunch provided was a Chicken Vindaloo and it burnt like a good ‘un. This weekend was good fun. On Friday night Jon and […]

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Irking out

Been a hectic week this week as usual, and I am not entirely convinced I am recovered from What The Hack. I have been feeling pretty tired all week. Finally got GStreamer 0.9 compiled. After getting the base system up and running I attempted to compile gst-python but it failed. Edward has since fixed it […]

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My chin

Spent the last four days in a tent over at What The Hack in Holland. Had an awesome time, drunk a shitload of beer and got to hang out with a great bunch of chaps. Thanks must go Aq, Adam, Bill, Gudge, Matt and Graham for an awesome weekend. The trip basically consisted of waking […]

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